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The Blood Soaked Eagles

by Warren David Horak
The Blood-soaked-eagles

The Lord has called eagles over cities regions and nations. He is calling them higher and see from His realm is so critical. We need to bring an accurate word at this time. We need to Blood soaked eagles for accurate words

Praying the Blood of Jesus over South Africa

by Warren David Horak
-blood-of-jesus-over-south africa

Placing the government “offices” of authority in the Blood of Jesus. This is one of the most powerful prayer strategies the Lord has given us for praying for our governments and nations. When we place the “offices” of Government in the Blood of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus cleanses the offices, which are the seats of power and positions of authority in our nation.

Edenvale Prophetic Words

by Warren David Horak

What is the Lord saying to Edenvale? The Glory of the Lord is coming to town. The following page is dedicated to recording Edenvale Prophetic words.

How to be fruitful and never stumble – Part One

by Warren David Horak
How-to-be-fruitful now

Exposed: The six thieves that rob your breakthrough By Warren David Horak Click the player above, to play the audio of the teaching Click here to go read and listen to Part 2 Many of us have been waiting for breakthrough for many years. We wonder why we haven’t received breakthrough and have grow very […]

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