I thank You for our fathers and mothers that walked this PATH from the beginning. The faithful remnant that is revealed through the pages of Your story.

Thank You for Enoch and Noah.

Thank You for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Thank You for Joseph and Levi for Moses and Aaron and Miriam.

Thank You for Deborah, Mary and Martha and Ana.

Thank You for Josiah and Samauel, Elijah and Elisha.

Thank You for Jehosaphat, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Malachi and for rest of the prophets.

Thank You for Mary, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Thank You Steven and Paul and Silas.

Thank You for Peter and James.

Thank You for Timothy and Titus.

Most of all thank You for JESUS.

We honour our fathers and mothers for the last 2000 years who bled and suffered to bring us to where we are today. Those who paid a great price to give us your scriptures and memorial stones that walk on today.

Thank You brother Andrew, Smith Wigglesworth, JohnG Lake, Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Katheryn Khulman, William Seymore, Evan Roberts.

Thank You for Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin and Derek Prince and Bob Jones.

Thank You so much for all the nameless and faceless that have carried the torch and built this path that we  walk on today.
I thank You Father for each of my brothers and sisters on this Path with me today.
May you bless each one with Your Kingdom.

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