Learn How To Be Effective At Healing The Sick And Casting Out Demons

Revival is here and each believer needs to know how to heal the sick and cast out demons as Jesus told us in Mark 16:15-18

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You do not have to be intimidated any more when you see someone sick or oppressed.

This training will help you to understand theoretically and practically how to help those who are suffering all around you. 

Do you want to learn how to heal the set the captives free and heal the sick?

Join us on this journey to discover how Jesus and His disciple healed the sick.

This training is for every believer who wants to be a disciple and follower of Jesus on a daily basis.

This course forms part of Father's Heart School of Ministry. 


Teachings on Divine Healing

Our teachings cover what the word of God says about divine health.

We are building an entire library of training material that you can go through.

Many of the teachings are done live with practical experience 

Mentorship Discipleship

Each person who will be actively discipled as part of the School of Ministry

You will join a weekly online Discipleship team.

Staying connected 

You will have acces to the Healing Rooms Facebook Group where you can be prayed for and minister to those who are sick

There will be an exclusive Healing Technician Telegram group for your questions and as a support group

Father's Heart School of Ministry

You will have access to the entire School of ministry with 24 courses. 

Over 800 hours of teachings via audio and video

This training is available for you and those you disciple. 

Questions answered

Your questions concenring healing and deliverence will be address in the Q&A's and in the teachings etc. 

We are all learning and looking forward to growing together

Live Training

There will be training at least once per month given by Warren 

This will be an opportunity for ministry to the sick. 

Once you have been found competent you will be accredited and appointed within the Healing Rooms to minister to those who are coming to us for healing and deliverance. 

We train and equip you to the point where you are seeing people getting set free.

We do not charge a fee for this course and trust the Lord to supply our needs. Those who receive the training are welcome to donate to the ministry as they feel led in their hearts

Healing Technician Training

3 Steps


Register by clicking the registration button below

Register on Website in our School of Ministry so you can access all the training material

Read the emails that you will be receiving that will keep you updated on the course. 

Training and Equipping

Attend the LIVE training, at this stage it is weekly. 

Watch all the videos that form part of the course. 

Complete your healing Ministry assignments. 

Join the weekly online Discipleship team.


Certification will be granted once you have completed the material and been found competent in the area of healing and deliverence.


Course Fees - How Much Does The Course Cost?

We are excited to say that this course is FREE and will always be free by His grace. 

Although it is free it will cost you your time and commitment to complete the course.

We trust the Lord to provide for this ministry and encourage those who are blessed by this ministry to give as they He leads them. 

How Long Is The Course?

The plan at this time is for six months or longer as needed. We will see what the optimum time is and will keep you updated.

Can I join Even If I Am With Another Church Or Ministry?

Yes you are more than welcome. We desire to train and equip the whole Body of Christ. We are excited to see discples go back and make a difference in their church's and cities and nations. 

What Happens If I Miss A Live Training Session?

This is not a problem as you can always watch the replay video.

However, you will need to attend most of the live sessions to be able to be certified as that counts as ministry experience due to the ministry that you will doing during the live training on the live stream chats. 

Must I be healed first before I can do the Healing Technician training?

You do not have to be completely healed to do the trainining.

You are welcome to do the training even as you still trusting the Lord for your complete healing. 

You do not have to be completely healed to partake in the training. 

Many times as we focus on others pain and suffering and take our eyes off our own problems He comes in and sets us free.

Also as you go through the training the Word will bring faith and healing to your body and soul 


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