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How To Cure Poverty

by Warren David Horak
How to cure poverty

In this video, we look at the cure for cancer. Yes you read that correctly. We look at the cure for cancer in the natural and the cure for the cancer of poverty. There are direct parallels between health and wealth.

Why Is It Taking So Long?

by Warren David Horak
why is it taking so long

The Lord has promised you wonderful things. Yet it is taking so long. Sometimes you tempted to give up on these promises. It looks like the Lord has forgotten you and bypassed you. The Path and the journey and why it is can taking so long. And looking and some very practical thing you can do.

Poverty Is Like A Cancer – Follow Me – Part 2

by Warren David Horak

Poverty Is Like A Cancer in our minds which seeks to destroy our peace and rob us of our provision. Following Jesus on the Path of life set us free from poverty and sickness. Poverty simply means you don’t have enough to complete what the Lord has called you to. If you find yourself in this predicament then this message will really help you.

Overcoming mammon

by admin
Overcoming-mammon ebook

This study covers how to identify the spirit of mammon in your life. This principality wants to rob your God given destiny and God’s provision in your life. It not only operates in individuals lives, but in businesses,churches, and governments. This is the main Principality that is set in place as the opposition of God as our Provider.

Kingdom Business Cooperation Introduction

by admin

Are you ready to take the Lion’s Share? Find out what Kingdom Business is and what God is saying to those called in business. Get positioned for the coming wealth transfer into Gods Kingdom.

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