Healing Rooms | Healing and Deliverance

This course will give you the foundations for you to be healed and delivered from the oppression of the enemy.

This course forms the foundation for the Healing Technician Training Course 

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Healing Technician Training

Learn How To Be Effective At Healing The Sick And Casting Out Demons

Revival is here and each believer needs to know how to heal the sick and cast out demons as Jesus told us in Mark 16:15-18

You do not have to be intimidated any more when you see someone sick or oppressed.

This training will help you to understand theoretically and practically how to help those who are suffering all around you.

You will learn how to heal the set the captives free and heal the sick

On this journey to discover how Jesus and His disciple healed the sick.

This training is for every believer who wants to be a disciple and follower of Jesus on a daily basis.

This course forms part of Father's Heart School of Ministry.

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