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We are a family of believers called to reveal Father’s Heart of love, by serving the Body of Christ with His love and grace.

We love to share with you the resources that the Lord has given us to enable you to know Him and to please Him.

We help you to be a disciple of Jesus, so that you can make more disciples wherever you are.

We help you to receive a new heart from your Father in heaven. Now you are ready to transplant His Heart in the market place and in your community.

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Recent Posts

The Blood Dimension – The Power of the Blood of Jesus | Part 2

The blood dimension takes us into a new dimension of prayer that works and really changes things. When we can truly surrender we enter the rest of faith. This is where God does the works and not us. The above revelation is so powerful and can change our lives and our nations if we will believe the power of His blood and surrender ALL into His blood.

The Blood-soaked-eagles

The Blood Soaked Eagles

The Lord has called eagles over cities regions and nations. He is calling them higher and see from His realm is so critical. We need to bring an accurate word at this time. We need to Blood soaked eagles for accurate words

-blood-of-jesus-over-south africa

Praying the Blood of Jesus over South Africa

Placing the government “offices” of authority in the Blood of Jesus. This is one of the most powerful prayer strategies the Lord has given us for praying for our governments and nations. When we place the “offices” of Government in the Blood of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus cleanses the offices, which are the seats of power and positions of authority in our nation.

Edenvale Day of Worship 25 June 2016

Day of Worship in Edenvale – Prophetic Words as the Glory of the Lord is coming to Town. Prophetic word for Gods artists and Tsunami of His blood coming to Edenvale.

How to use Youtube Playlists to Lead Worship

This is a brief overview on how to use Father’s Heart YouTube playlists to lead worship in your home or business or have your own personal divine encounter. It also helps you avoid those annoying video adds on YouTube

Taking-the-Land or Redeeming the Land

Taking the Land – Redeeming the Land

A step by step process on how to take the land also known as redeeming the land. This is your promised Land. The Land we focusing on is your physical property and the land of your domain like your calling and market share in a given market in the economy. This will help you take the Land for your home, ministry and business.

Overcoming-mammon ebook

Overcoming mammon – The Hat of Mammon

Are you wearing the hat of mammon? If you are in fear, anxiety and stress over money then you are wearing the hat of mammon. This study covers how to identify the spirit of mammon in your life. This principality wants to rob your God given destiny and God’s provision in your life. It not only operates in individuals lives, but in businesses,churches, and governments.This is the main Principality that is set in place as the opposition of God as our Provider.

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Beware the Ides of March

Beware The Ides of March

Beware the ides of March – be aware the enemies plans to set brother against brother and use this blood against us to destroy us. We can overcome if we walk in love

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