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Brandi Sharp


Thank you for your prayers! My husband was granted a religious exemption from the vax and it was because of prayer.

Thank you Lord, and thank you for this ministry.

Hallelujah!! I asked for prayer earlier today for excruciating pain in my mouth. Not long after that all the pain disappeared and the flaming red lesions went back to a healthy pink. Still no pain. Feeling great. Thanks for praying family!!!


Irene Holand

South Africa

Jennifer Hardisty

South Africa

So Thankful.. And thoroughly Blessed. Had a tummy bug this whole week.. Developed haemorrhoids..

Got healed as we were praying tonight.. Could sit without pain!! Hallelujah!!

Tonight was indeed an encounter with the Lord!!

Sheba Jacob - Dubai
Hello Warren, last Sunday I had asked prayer for this project management (PMP) examination my husband had to write which is a difficult exam. And that sister from Zimbabwe sister Lilien prayed and we as a family had been standing on the Word and today was the exam.

Quite miraculously he passed the exam. My husband said, this could only be God alone.. because it was too overwhelming for him.. too impossible - 3 sets of 100 questions in 60 mins. In the middle of it, he thought “I can’t do this” but on the other hand God told my daughter and I to worship and pray in the spirit.

Thank you for praying


Sheba Jacob