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Warren and Mirjam Horak

Warren and Mirjam Horak

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If you want to stay connected with us here are some options

Email List You can join our email list for the latest words at this link

Our Telephone number is +27 63 348 7084 for all WhatsApp groups

Some of our WhatsApp groups are:

1. Broadcast list 

You will receive most of our important prophetic messages. This is not a group but a WhatsApp list so there is no chatting.

2. Eagles and Intercessors Group

This is a support group for those called as eagles (prophets) and intercessors to pray and encourage each other. Find out more here 

3. Kingdom Business  Group

A support group for those called in business. If you want to join one of our WhatsApp groups then please also include your cell number and introduction of who you are and what your calling is.

4. Father’s Heart Healing Rooms

To bring divine health to the church through biblical training in divine healing, deliverance and raising the dead. Join the Facebook group here

5. Off the Grid Group:

We focus on discussing the best food, health, education, business, farming, government, renewable energy, innovations and alternative solutions for His people. We have a wealth of valuable information shared on this group. This group operates on WhatsApp and Telegram. Click here to find out more 

6. Cities of Revival WhatsApp Groups

The Lord has a Blue Print for Revival in South Africa, Africa and Israel. Find out more about the BluePrint and about the gatherings of fire and how you can walk in and prepare for revival. 

We are praying for and calling forth the torchbearers, intercessors and eagles into position, these are the ones called to host revival in each of the seven cities of revival.

7. Zimbabwe: Heaven’s Blueprint Group

We are a group of prophetic intercessors who operate from heaven towards the earth. We are to ascend into heaven and access heavens scrolls for Zimbabwe and to release these scrolls as Heavens Blueprint on Earth in Zimbabwe.

Updated Guidelines and link to join the group is here 

8. The War Room Group

We have now formed a team called “The War Room” to focus on Fathers Heart International ministry and our mandate for revival and to transplant His heart in the nations. We are getting very close to the release of full scale *revival*.

It’s imperative that the eagles and intercessors are all in position for this coming battle.

We earnestly need the help of eagles and intercessors who feel aligned to our ministry in some way and who would like to join the group.

We have a WhatsApp group which is very focused group and will not be too busy.

We will also be training material and waiting on Him for battle plan for the nations starting in Africa then Israel and to the rest of the earth.

If you want to apply please read more info here 


You can also register for events below. Please specify what event you would like to register for and the number of people who will be attending.

God bless you

Father’s Heart team

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