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Father’s Heart School of Ministry

Free Online School of Ministry for Every Believer

Are you sure of your calling and are you trained and equipped to fulfil it?
We help you find your calling and equip you to do the work of the ministry.
The great commission of making disciples is for every believer, not just those in so called, ‘full-time ministry’. 
Our desire is to see, every believer equipped to be a disciple and making disciples and fulfilling their purpose.

All Who Are Thirsty Isaiah 55 Prophetic Gatherings

All Who Are Thirsty

Are you thirsty for more of Him? Do you desire to enter into breakthrough? 

If you do then, you are welcome to join us live in His presence as the Lord is calling all who are thirsty to come together and gather in His glory to seek His Face. 

Homes Of Love For Orphans

Homes of Love

Homes of Love where orphans can be nurtured safely with love and dignity.

Homes of love are homes where there will be no more than 6 children, with a mother, or parents, looking after them.  Based in the community, they will not function as an orphanage, but as a proper home.