Lionesses it is time to Arise Into Your Destiny

Are you ready to arise to your destiny? 

The Women's Room ~ The Lionesses

These are the mothers of the House, those called to crush the serpents head.


The Lionesses purpose is to call forth women in their God given callings and destinies.

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Lionesses Vision

We see revival break out among the women in the Lioness Gatherings. We see hearts ignited for the lost, the weak, the sick and those dying.

We see women find their voices in their communities and cities, where they will impact and transform their environment with the presence of God. In them, through them and to the nations.

We see women healed, trained and equipped to become godly women and wives and examples for the younger women and children.

We see Lionesses Women’s ministry teams raised up and released.

We see wise, noble and humble women arise and crush satan’s head and fulfill their God given destinies.

We see the Lionesses raising up the young lions / cubs to fulfill their destinies in the nations.

We see women are for signs, wonders and miracles!

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Lionesses Focus and Mission

Healed and Equipped

The women will be healed, trained and equipped to become godly women and wives and examples for the younger women and children in the house. 

Crush the enemies head

We see the wise, noble and humble women arise and crush satan’s head and fulfill their God given destinies - Prov 31, Gen 3

Deborah and Esther's 

We see Women’s ministry teams - Deborah’s and Esther’s raised up and released.

For Signs and Wonders

The women are for signs and wonders in these days

“You cannot make WAR with a 


You do not have”

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Facebook Group is a great place to connect, communicate, ask questions, request prayer and fellowship with other Lionesses. 

Connect with Lionesses from all over the world.

Time to spread your wings and fly

Ongoing training and equipping

We are here to help you on your path to lead a tribe / chapter. 

We will have live events, offer online training and mentorship programes within the lioness chapters.  

join or LeAD a lioness Chapter in your area?

Lionesses hunt in packs and are so much more fearful and powerful, when they operate and fight as one.

Our aim is to establish lioness chapters country wide and internationally. 

If you feel led to apply to start a Lioness chapter in your area - Contact us here or

send us a WhatsApp to  (+27) 63 348 7084. 




Thank you Mirjam.


I listened to your teaching for the second time today.

I have also listened to the live broadcast.

I have been silenced for years by the enemy and after hearing your teaching I was so encouraged to release the roar.  

Thank you and be blessed.

I live in Mauritius which is also part of Africa.

Marieanne Toposeea 

 / Missionary


The Warrior women of SA prophecy that Mirjam released, ministered to me on an ongoing basis over the past three years.

I literally used to put it on and listen to it at night and even one time in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep.  I fell asleep by listening to it over and over again.


I almost know it word for word!

It's a POWERFUL and anointed word! It spoke right into my situation. In the beginning I would weep and weep because of the accuracy of the prophecy describing where I was at and then the hope that Jesus saw and was roaring over me/us as women.

It was a word that CARRIED ME and gave me tremendous hope in a very desperate situation and here I am fully restored one of His Warrior women and Lionesses. Praise God!!!

Shelly Shaw Copeland 

/ Lioness


Mirjam's life speaks and motivates me to get closer to the the Lord. When I speak to her and hear how she encounters God it motivates me to spend more time with Him. 

I am so motivated to see her relationship with the Lord. 

I have learnt so much from her in regards to parenting by observing, how she is  as wife and mother. 

She is the same way in her private life and in public, she is the same. 

Her prophetic words brought so much healing in my life. 

Christelle Du Toit

/ Lioness - wife and mother

Mirjam Horak

Mirjam is a lover of God called to Africa and Israel and the nations.

She is passionate about releasing women into their God-given callings and destinies.

Mirjam is also dedicated to helping the poor, and seeing revival birthed in Africa through the revelation of repentance, and Father’s Love.

Her quest is to see the Lionesses freed of any muzzles, chains and restrictions that hold them back.

Mirjam has a strong prophetic calling and loves to see people being set free through His power.

Dominique Van Aswegen

I am passionate about God and I am called for revival, Africa and the Nations.

I believe woman and children play an imperative role in this coming revival and that it therefore is very important to equip not just the Lionesses but the cubs as well.

I am passionate about equipping Lionesses to effectively disciple their children and I believe that the Lord has placed a roar inside each Lioness that needs to be released.

I also believe that we as Lionesses need to help one another drink from the River and be refreshed.

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