The War Room

Dear Eagle and Intercessor,

I would like you to pray about something that is very close to our hearts.

As you know, we have been given a mandate from heaven for revival and need to continue on this journey.

He has made it very clear that we need to have those who are called to pray for us and this ministry, stand with us in this time.

We have now formed a team called "The War Room" to focus on Father's Heart International ministry and our mandate for revival and to transplant His heart in the nations.

We are getting very close to the release of full-scale revival. It's imperative that the eagles and intercessors are all in position for this coming battle.

We earnestly need the help of eagles and intercessors who feel aligned to our ministry in some way and who would like to join the group.

We are going to start a WhatsApp group which will be a very focused group and will not be too busy.

We will also be training material and waiting on Him for the battle plan for the nations starting in Africa then Israel and to the rest of the earth.

It will be a broadcast only group as only admins will be allowed to post on the group. Specific battle strategies will be shared to focus on.

South Africa and Africa desperately need revival.

If you feel the Lord wants you to stand with us for the coming revival please read the document below and email us at ministry @

In His love

Warren David Horak

The War Room Document

Find out more how the War Room works. The PDF document can be downloaded by clicking the button

War Room
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