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Free Online School of Ministry for Every Believer

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Equipping you to do the work of the ministry

Are you sure of your calling and are you trained and equipped to fulfill it?

The great commission of making disciples is for every believer, not just those in so called, ‘full-time ministry’. Our desire is to see,

every believer equipped to be a disciple and making disciples
  • We help you to learn and experience God and His Word.
  • Learn the joy of knowing God and hearing His voice for yourself everyday.
  • Get to know your eternal Destiny written about you before you were even born. Learn to find the sweet spot of His destiny and calling in your life.
  • Get empowered to know God and to do Gods will and see immediate results in your life, family, ministry and business and community.
  • Discover how to make disciples without being required to become an anointed Bible teacher or Pastor. You will be able to start your own discipleship group / house church within six months or even less from the time you start.
Online School of ministry free

Are you desperate to do Bible School, but don’t have the time or the money?

  • Enroll in the Discipleship Program For FREE (Father’s Heart Free Online School of Ministry can do this for FREE as we function through donations of those committed to His work of Discipling the Nations).
  • Complete a two year course from the comfort of your home, business, farm, workplace or church building.
  • Listen to teachings while you drive, sit in the taxi, travel on the bus, train or plane.
  • All the training material including the notes and audio teachings can be uploaded onto your smart phone or any other device that uses MP3 audio.
  • Receive your own personal coach and discipler to help you on your journey to fulfill your calling. Coaching sessions are held in groups online via Skype or other free internet media channels. Note: You don't have to go anywhere to attend the meetings you can access all the meetings online as long as you have access to the internet.
  • Print out your own personal Discipleship Manual or keep it on your phone or PC.

Are you tired of the same old programmes? Do you want something that will impact you and your community?

Online School of ministry
  • We show you how to have a power encounter with God each day so that your life and those around you are forever changed.
  • Receive impartation and the gifts and skills needed to do the work of the ministry where God has planted you.
  • You don’t have to go to China or India or Africa to make disciples, you can start where you are now. We show you how and give you all the tools. If you are in Africa, India or China then this will be a very powerful tool for you to use.
  • See miracles where you live and work. We show you how to have group power encounters and be revived, healed and delivered. See the prophetic ministry grow in your midst as each believer starts to hear God and move in the gifts in small groups.
  • See people saved through Gods power in your life as you share the Good News in a practical and effective way.
  • Have the Father’s Heart team cover you in prayer and love. We are always here to help you.

What happens if I am already part of a Church?

  • We are here to help you no matter what church you are part of, or how rich or poor you are.
  • We also welcome ministry leaders, pastors and anyone involved in ‘full-time ministry’ to implement this program for your congregations, group or team. You will be able to access special coaching and guidance for this process. If you are a ministry leader you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions in this regard.
We believe that every believer in every church should have the privilege of attending a School of Ministry. This is why we make it free, we don’t want any believer to miss out on proper training.
  • Learn from disciples and leaders from all over the world and become part of the global community of believers who are focused on the great commission.

How does the Discipleship programme work?

  • We show you the pattern Jesus used to become a competent disciple within Gods specific purpose God for your life.
  • This discipleship programme can be used in businesses, farms, churches, prisons, hospitals, schools, colleges, homes and ships or in any other formal or informal setting.
  • No matter what your calling is, be that; a secretary, factory worker, farmer, accountant, prayer leader, worship leader, pastor, business person, evangelist, plumber, lawyer or doctor etc.
  • You can use this pattern anywhere and make disciples at any time and place. All you need is a willing heart and diligence.
  • This programme is built around discipleship teams who are mutually accountable, and walking in love towards one another.
  • We focus on the practical and the theoretical training, so that you as a disciple will get real practical experience, while in the programme.
Each disciple can go at their own pace, as the Spirit leads them.
  • The training focuses on both the spiritual knowledge and practical skills enabling you as believer to become an effective disciple of Jesus and disciple maker, wherever you are called.

What topics are covered in the Discipleship Programme?

The following courses are recorded in audio in MP3 and or Video. Most of the courses have eBooks and or notes.

Each course consists of a number of teachings. 

1. Introduction To Discipleship

This will give you an overview of what it means to be a disciple of Christ and what it means to be discipled and to make disciples. 

2. Foundations

These are powerful teachings that will lay an excellent foundation for a new believer focusing on some of the six foundations for the Church in Hebrews 6:1-2 The foundations includes Baptisms, Repentance, Resurrection form the dead, Eternal judgement etc. 

3. Prayer 101

Practical teachings on how to connect with the Lord and to pray effectively and to hear His voice.

4. New Converts Pack

This course covers the basics for new converts like Hell's best kept secret by Ray Comfort and other key teachings.

5. Faith and Hope

Without faith it is impossible to please God we look at From hope to faith to your inheritance. Other key faith messages that include “Faith is the evidence that demands a verdict”.

6. God's Love

This course of will give you a good foundation in God's love, knowing God as your Father and loving people. This will help you in your love walk, teaching you how to even love your enemies.

7. Overcoming Pain

If you have lost a family member, friend or gone through a painful divorce, or been bankrupted, raped etc. this course will really help you to understand and bring healing to your soul and will help you to overcome your pain.

8. Heart to Heart Partnership Chart

A very powerful and practical teaching and tool to help you get healed from wounds and delivered from strongholds.

This gives you a clear and simple model through which you can work through your issues with Jesus. This includes family or bloodline curses etc.

9. The Kingdom of God

Discover the secrets of the Kingdom of God and how to walk in your inheritance.

This in depth study looks at: What is the Kingdom of God?How to enter into the Kingdom. How to abide in the Kingdom of God. The Beatitudes as the Kingdom constitution. The Commandments of Life in the Kingdom and more... 

We are instructed to teach the commandments of Jesus. This course covers the commandments of Jesus. 

10. God's Eternal Plan

This course helps us find Gods plan for our lives. Each one of us has a blue print in heaven as we follow the Lord this blue print for our lives is revealed.

These works were planned before we were even born. Our destinies are in Fathers Heart. Find out how to find you Eternal plan and how to write it down and walk it out.

11. Overcoming Sin

This in depth study of Romans 5 to 8 talks about how to overcoming the flesh and walk in the power of the Spirit. 

12. Knowing Him

This course covers our highest purpose which is to know Him. Intimacy with God, is eternal life.

There are 23 powerful messages that will cause you to draw close to Him. 

13. The Cross

Paul said, He preached nothing but the cross. This is the missing message of the Church today.

14. Overcoming Jezebel

This study covers how to identify the spirit of jezebel in a Church or organisation. This Principality not only destroys families and churches, but governments and nations.

This principality is after your authority and inheritance. Are you operating in the anointing of Jehu, Elijah, Ahab or jezebel?

This teaching will take you through a step by step by process of throwing jezebel out of your home, family, ministry, Church or business.

15. Having the Emotions and Senses of God

This teaching was a ground breaking revelation for me and those that have heard it.

The revelation will help you to understand your emotions and receive the emotions God intended you to have we He created you.

You will learn how to open your emotional room to the Lord and receive your emotional healing.

16. Spiritual Warfare Training

Spiritual Warfare Prayers and Strategies that will enable you to Win. To take ground and keep it! We need Gods Blue Print for the Battle ahead.

So far, much of our spiritual warfare prayers have not really brought us any closer to truly breaking through.

We have put in great expense and effort, yet we still haven’t seen the victories the Lord has promised. The Lord has not and will never lose a battle.

How come we are losing so much ground in the church and our nations? A definition of insanity is to keep repeating the things that we did in the past, while we expect different results.

Let us learn how to fight and to win.

17. Discipleship Leaders Training 

This course will give you a step by step guide on how to make disciples.

This is not just for those in "full time ministry, its is for every disciple of Jesus, as every believer, is called to be a disciple and make disciples.

Start now and fulfill the Great commission right where you live and work.

18. House Church | The Pattern of the Church | The New Wine Skin

We look at the new wine skin. In this course we will look at how to make disciples in your house and your business. This will be a very practical guide to show a step by step guide to making disciples in your house or market place.

Jesus the Pattern for the Church
Discipleship the Jesus Way
How to make disciples like Jesus did
Vision of gatherings of fire and glory

19. Family and Marriage

The first step in marriage is courtship. We look at Courtship versus Dating and then we look at the actual courtship process and finally we have developed marriage compatibility test for Christians based on your compatibility as a couple.

20. Kingdom Business

This course will focus Kingdom Business Cooperation. 

We will be covering both the spiritual and practical aspects of business.
Kingdom business 101 Kingdom business the birthing of a whole new way Prophetic words concerning this new way.

WhatsApp group for members only, where you can connect with and collaborate with Kingdom minded people across the world.
Find out if you are called into Kingdom business
Defining Kingdom business

The future of the global economy and the Lion Market to hear what God is saying to us both spiritually and practically
Practical steps to start the journey

21. Ministry of Prophecy 101

If you want to grow in the prophetic and learn how to hear and see more clearly then this course will really help you.

This is the introduction to our training course on Prophetic Ministry 101

We look at topics like:

What is prophecy?
The purpose of prophecy
How you activate prophecy?
Who can prophecy
Why is prophecy so important?

22. Soul Winning 101

In this course we have put together some of the best resources for soul winning. If you want to learn a practical way to win souls then you should watch these videos.

Once you have won the soul for Christ they need to be Baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit and Discipled.

The Four legs
There are four legs to soul winning

Repentance - Acts 2:38
Baptism in water - Acts 2:38; Mark 16:15-18
Baptism in the Holy Spirit - Acts 2:38
Discipleship - Mark 16:15-18; Matthew 28:19-20

23. Intercessor Training | Warrior Training 

In this course we have more than 12 teachings which are very practical that will bring you to a whole new level of effectiveness and rest in your ministry as an intercessor.

Part of the training is from a two day workshop we did in Cape Town. These two days were off the charts! His manifest love and power were released to touch each person.

We had some of the most powerful encounters with the Lord in these two days.

Many lives were transformed completely as He healed emotions, minds and bodies.

Mirjam and I have never seen anything quite like this. Father's love and healing were so powerfully demonstrated amongst His most precious intercessors.

Holy Spirit released tremendous prophetic activation

Overall Training focus:

• The Lord focused on the wounded warriors

• The Lord released His healing and strength to equip intercessors with divinely powerful weapons.

• We were able to enter His rest and fight from there.

• Jesus released a massive prophetic impartation and ROAR on day 2, taking us to a whole new level.In this course we have put together some of the best resources for soul winning. If you want to learn a practical way to win souls then you should watch these videos.

24. Healing and Deliverance 

In this course, we have put together very powerful resources for healing. We will be adding more and more material as we are able.

If you want to learn a practical way to bring healing and deliverance to others then you should watch these videos.

We need to learn how to get healing and deliverance which is every child of God's legal inheritance.

More Courses To Be Released...

If you want to know more and have questions please contact us

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      Hi Engel,

      The best way to learn more about them is to encounter them through prayer. You can work through the Divine Encounter Book which at this time we give to you for free plus training videos that helps you through the book.

      Divine Encounter Book
      One God encounter will change your life. No more boring prayer life.

      This is one of the most powerful tools that will change your prayer life and your life. This is your divine invitation to encounter God like never before. This will help you to have a divine encounter every time you draw near to God.

      You can also use this to teach prayer and intimacy with God.

      This Book divided into two parts
      1. The Hour of power prayer guide which helps you to encounter God everyday and is the expanded version of the original condensed version of the Hour of Power.
      2. The Sword of the Spirit which is a list of daily faith proclamations you can use in different areas of your life.


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