Official statement from Father's Heart International Ministries

Update on Mirjam  

As of 10 February 2022

Very sadly the many attempts by myself and others to bring reconciliation between Mirjam and I have all failed; as Mirjam has refused any form of Christian mediation and reconciliation. 

The last attempt in October 2021 at reconciliation with a pastor we both know for a few years and who has decades of experience in marriage counseling and mediation has also been rejected by Mirjam.  

Mirjam told this pastor that she does want to go ahead with the mediation, but would rather wants the courts decide the outcome between us.

Mirjam filed for divorce at the High Court through her lawyer and advocate in November 2021. This case is ongoing. 

As you all know my stand against divorce, there is no biblical reason for divorce in our situation. This is a great tragedy for our family especially the children who are totally innocent. 

Please continue to pray for all of us for Kingdom to come and will to be done. 

Blessings and love in Him


Mirjam leaving the ministry

Update: 10 August 2021

During 2020 lockdown my marriage came under massive pressure and attack.

Tragically in Feb Mirjam took our children and separated from me.

I have made every effort to reconcile for the last 5 months to no avail.  However, at this stage Mirjam refuses any form of reconciliation counselling.

God hates divorce therefore as a ministry we do not agree with separation or divorce unless there are biblical grounds for it - Malachi 2:16; Matthew 19:3-8

My children and I together with the entire ministry team are standing on His word and trusting the Lord for reconciliation, healing and restoration as this is the Father's Heart and is His plan and will for our lives as a family.

Mirjam was never asked to leave the ministry at any stage. Mirjam left the ministry of her own accord on the 21 July. 

I just want to say I am sorry for the pain this news causes you. 

I just want to also extend my deepest thanks to each of you who have supported us as a family and a ministry over the years.

Please may I humbly ask that you pray for us as a family especially for our children.

I will continue to serve the Lord and pursue His will for my life.

In His service and Love

Warren David Horak