Worship Room - List 2

If you want to find out how you can use these playlists in your personal devotion or in leading worship in a corporate setting. I have recorded a short practical video showing exactly how to use the playlists on the link below. Click the video to learn more...

For many years I sought the Lord on how to encounter Him.

He showed me the pattern is hidden within the Tabernacle given to Moses. The Tabernacle Moses built was a pattern he saw in heaven. The Tabernacle was divided into three parts:

Outer Court ( Breathing out through Surrender and Repentance)

Holy Place (Breathing in Holy Spirit and Word )

Holy of Holies (Breathing out through TPW - Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship)

Encountering God is as easy as breathing

Encountering God is warfare! The enemy hates us to have a real God encounter.  

The songs below have been carefully selected according to the topics in each list. I have placed the songs in the best order for you to use to encounter Him.

I have also ordered the playlists in order of the Divine encounter from the Outer court into the Holy of Holies.

The first song list is the Gatherings of Fire List, we use in our Divine Encounter when we gather as house churches to encounter Him and fellowship. 

We always start either on an approaching song or a surrender song and then repentance, this is breathing out
Then we breathe in through the infilling songs, this is breathing in
Then we breathe out again in the full circle of worship we now breathe out in TPW ( Thanks Giving - Praise - Worship )

May Holy Spirit anoint you to use these anointed songs in both your private and corporate worship encounters. 

In His most wonderful love

Warren David Horak

Gatherings of Fire

Divine Encounters

Children's TPW

Approaching Him - Intimate Prayer Songs

Surrender Songs

Repentance Songs

Infilling - Blood of Jesus Songs

Infilling - Holy Spirit

Infilling - Father's Love

Infilling - Thirsty for Him and Fire

Revival Songs

TPW - Thanks Giving Songs

TPW - Proclamation Songs

TPW - Praise Songs

TPW - Dance Songs

TPW - Worship Songs

His Glory and Presence Songs

TPW - Soaking Worship Songs

The Song Vault 3

The Song Vault 4... New Song Vault

TPW - Soaking Instrumental Songs

Altar Call Songs

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