The Soaking Room

This room is a place where you can soak in His love and grace, by listening to very anointed music that will minister to your spirit, soul and body.

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Jesus our Bridegroom 

This playlist will really help you connect with the Love of Jesus. He is your Bridegroom and loves you no matter what.

Oh how You love me. You knew me before I was born, You formed me in my mothers womb. I am always in Your thoughts, there is never a time You are not thinking good things about me.
Your love is deeper than any trial I have to face, higher than any mountain I have to overcome, wider than any ocean I have to cross and longer than any road I have to travel. You are the One who lives and sees me — (Lahai-Roi).

You are the forth man in the fire; You never ever leave nor forsake me. My Faithful Friend that sticks closer than a brother. You always go with me through each test and trial. My Intercessor Who ever lives to intercede for me; my faithful High Priest. You feel my pain and You weep with me.

Jesus our Bridegroom – Playlist 1 

Prayer of love:

You are Holy – set apart; there is none like You, You are Excellent, You are a consuming fire. You are the Prince of Peace and the Lord of hosts, the Captain of the armies of God. Mighty God and the Lion of the tribe of Judah(Praise) who fights for me and defeats my enemies. You are the righteous Judge. Son of God.

Yet You are the humble, meek and lowly Son of man and the Lamb of God. Now You live in me. You are Love and light. You are Good, Gracious, Kind, Compassionate, Longsuffering, Slow to anger, Merciful, Just and Righteous. You are my justifier and justification.

You are my Truth; my Way and my Life, my Door. Jesus – Jeshua You are my Saviour, my Lord, my Bridegroom, my Lover of my soul, My King, My One Thing, my Healer, my Bread of life, my Tree of Life, my River of Life, my Redeemer, my Sustainer.

My Master Builder, my Chief corner stone, my Foundation, my Wall of Salvation, my Gates of praise.

My Covering, my Apostle, my Prophet, my Evangelist, my Shepherd, my Teacher, my High Priest. You are my Advocate with the Father, Who defends me from all accusations.

You are the Desire of the nations, the Fairest of ten thousand; the Bright and Morning star, the Sun of Righteousness with healing in Your wings. You now live in me.

You are Light and there is no darkness in You. You are my Rock on which I stand, You are my Shield Who protects me, You are my Defence Who defends me. You are my Provider who provides everything for me, You are my Fortress who surrounds me.

You are my miracle maker. You are my stronghold within me. You are my Faith, Hope and Love, who gave Yourself for me. The more I look at and magnify You, the smaller my problems and circumstances appear, as I am seated with You in heavenly places, everything just fades in the glory of Your Face.

You are my Victory that overcame for me. You control my circumstances and environment, as You work all things together for my good, because You love me. You are my Joy, which is my strength.

You are my Peace that passes all understanding. You are my Wisdom who shows me the way. You know my future.

I am the object of Your love, as You alone died for me. Your great love sustains me and never, never fails me and never gives up on me. Your perfect love delivers me from all fear.

Your love covers me. Your love delivers me from every sin and stronghold in me. Your love produces all the fruit in my life. You are the Author and Finisher of my faith. My All in All.

You have demonstrated Your love and commitment to me through dying on the cross for me.

Thank You Jesus, You are with me today to help me overcome all evil that comes against me. For You have already overcome all things!

Your love is with me, Your love never fails me, for You are forever faithful.

You have already overcome all evil 2000 years ago at the cross. You have already finished all the works for me. You have done it ALL! Now I believe in You, I trust in You!

You are my glory in my midst. You are my Victorious Warrior and King, my Champion, You fight for me and have won all my battles!!

All Your glory and riches that I have just seen; You have given to me and are in me – “Christ in me the hope of glory” – You are with me and live in me.
As You prayed, “And the glory which You gave Me I have given them…” – John 17:22 Thank You so much Jesus!!

I Praise You Jesus!!! I now give all the glory, praise and honour back to You!


Soaking Worship Songs

This playlist is designed to help just soak in His glory and goodness. Enjoy Him!

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  • Rensu Theart says:

    I started a soaking worship youtube channel a few months ago. If you find that is blesses you, please share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTN3-fe9hOM&index=2&list=PLJrtzeHtSdJb1WsjMba41VR2qgcyyBfkH

    • Warren David Horak says:

      Hi Rensu,

      Thanks so much, listened to, “To worship You I live – Prayer”, really anointed and blessed. Keep on releasing His songs.

      I have added this song to two of play lists on our website and channel.



  • Jasmiena Jansen says:

    Resonates deep inside the soul.. love this do much

    • Thanks Jasmiena. This is such a blessing to see how He blesses the hungry and thirsty souls.

      God bless you

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