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The aim of this area is to give you a page where our main resources are listed for your convenience.

Below are some powerful tools to help you on your journey as a disciple of Jesus. You can also use these tools and the School of Ministry to make disciples.

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Equipping you to be a disciple of Christ so you can fulfill His purpose for your life, no matter where He calls you. “School of Ministry for every believer”.

Learn at your own pace online on your PC or via your phone this includes your own personal coach and discipler.

This course is equivalent of 2 years bible school. The training is provided online in the form of audio and video together with manuals that you can download and print. 

Daily Faith Proclamations

This document is a short daily faith proclamation that you can use to speak life into your day. 

Find out why we make we need to do daily proclamations and declarations here is an article on this that also gives you comprehensive proclamations for your health and for your finances. 

To read a word from Victoria Boyson on the power of speaking life and creating your World then click here.

Browse our online shop for key books to help you on your journey. 


The Hour of Power - prayer guide - condensed edition

This is the first personal guideline I developed to help each day to connect with God.

This is a simple four-page guide which gives you the essential for a Divine Encounter every day. Download the book here 

The Divine Encounter Book

If you want the expanded edition of the Hour of Power you can get your copy here The Divine Encounter EBook that contains much more depth. The easiest way to pray and experience and encounter god. One God encounter will change your life forever. The Revelation in this Book will change your prayer life. No longer will you fall asleep during prayer. Prayer will be the most exciting part of your day.

After reading the Final Quest by rick Joyner some twelve times. I decided to draw the Mountain of God. I trust this sketch will help you understand the process of discipleship.

Get the Final Quest by Rick Joyner here via our Online Shop

This is a very useful diagram to print out and explain to disciples what happens on the Mountain of God.

Watch the Video about the Mountain of God below

God's Eternal Plan

Discover the secrets of the Kingdom of God and how to walk in your inheritance.

This in-depth study looks at: What is the Kingdom of God? How to enter into the Kingdom. How to abide in the Kingdom of God. The Beatitudes as the Kingdom constitution. The Commandments of Life in the Kingdom and more...

Heart to Heart Partnership Chart

A very powerful and practical teaching and tool to help you get healed from wounds and delivered from strongholds. Helping you to walk in covenant partnership with Jesus through each of your strongholds(mountains).

This gives you a clear and simple model through which you can work through your issues with Jesus. This includes family or bloodline curses etc.

It is also very powerful as a counselling tool for healing broken hearts and deliverance.

Note: To access this teaching you will need to be logged in to the School of Ministry

The Divine Encounter Ebook

This book comes with over 15 video teachings helping your to encounter the Lord on a daily basis. 


This is one of the most powerful tools that will change your prayer life and your life. This is your divine invitation to encounter God like never before. This will help you to have a divine encounter every time you draw near to God. You can also use this to teach prayer and intimacy with God.

This Book divided into two parts

1. The Hour of power prayer guide which helps you to encounter God every day and is the expanded version of the original condensed version of the Hour of Power.

2. The Sword of the Spirit which is a list of daily faith proclamations you can use in different areas of your life.

The release of the spirit by Watchman Nee

This is a very powerful ebook that will help you understand the process of a disciples growth and maturity.

Humility By Andrew Murray Ebook ( PDF)

One of the most important books you can read that carries the most critical messages for the Church. This revelation can and will change your life as you receive these powerful words. Click the link above to get your free copy in PDF format. 

My Heavenly Cheque(Check) Pic 

Please click on the pic to download so you can print it. The revelation behind this heavenly cheque is in our book called Accessing your inheritance through  TPW.

My Heavenly Cheque Psalm 100

Over to you

If you have been blessed by any of these tools please leave your comments below.

You are also welcome to ask questions and if you need any other tools you need then please drop us note below

  • Sonia Drotskie says:

    I have read the precious comments and i agree. Thank you so much Warren. I always knew that you were special, talented and annointed. Had this confirmation in my spirit when i met you on the group Eagles and Intercessors, loved the way you lead in unity and humility, always balanced in love and information, but i have not realized that you were so talented and gifted, combining skill like administration, teaching, organisation, art, business and insight in one package. Thank you. May He bless you and Mirjam abundantly, in this life as well.

    • Hi Sonia,

      Thank you for being a blessing to the Body of Christ. I praise Jesus for all He has given to Mirjam and I.

      He loves He Church so much and wants us to enter into His fullness.

      May you and each person who drinks from this stream hear Him say well done good and faithful servant.

      In His love eternal

  • Hendrik Vorster says:

    I have downloaded this FREE book! I am still in awe that their are people who do not sell the gospel at a price, but rather truly trust God!

    I will read it and give my feed back.

    Thank you for the hours of work that has gone into this book. Many do not realize the price it costs.

    I would love to read about you experience and journey with our Lord Jesus Christ!

    • Hendrik

      We are just so blessed that Father could allow us to bless people with the water of Life freely.

      May Father continue to grow and expand your heart as He draws you ever closer.

      God bless

  • Johanna Phillips says:

    Thank you for this manual.
    Wonderful tool-every information needed in one place in your hand. No need for many books when I have also quiet time with my Abba Father. Much much knowledge and information that I have never come across or to buy lots of books.

    Thank you Fathers Heart Leaders.

    • Father's Heart Admin says:

      Hi Johanna,

      You most welcome. We so are blessed to be able give you these tools for your journey.
      May Abba Bless you as you continue to seek Him each day.

  • leandri says:

    Thank you for this excellent tool

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