The Meaning of Revival

In the article we look at what revival truly means and the historical accounts of revival and His prophetic words and teachings on how to prepare for this coming great awakening. 

You will be inspired and blessed to read and listen to accounts of great revivals from all over the world. Also you can read what He is saying about revival now. 

We look at the Azusa Street Revival USA, the Hebrides Revival, the 1860 Worster Revival in South Africa and the 1990's Revival in the Western Cape, South Africa. 

When you listen and read each account of revival you will be tapping into the Spirit of Revival.

We can all pray as one and sya the Lord, DO IT AGAIN! 

He has promised us that yet again there will be another great revival where millions will be saved and brought into fellowship with Jesus. This is the end time harvest spoken about in Isaiah 60:1-3 

Isaiah 60:1–3 Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. 
For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the LORD will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you. 
The Gentiles shall come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising.

We are called to prepare for revival and move towards revival all across the earth. 

Please share this resource with others who are praying for revival. This article will be updated from time to time as fresh words and content is released. 

The Lord said,

It is now time for revival!

Revival meaning

This is Revival!

By Rev. Owen Murphy

When men in the streets are afraid to open their mouths and utter godless words lest the judgments of God should fall; when sinners, overawed by the Presence of God tremble in the streets and cry for mercy; when, without special meetings and sensational advertising, the Holy Ghost sweeps across cities and towns in Supernatural Power and holds men in the grip of terrifying Conviction; when "every shop becomes a pulpit, every heart an altar, every home a sanctuary" and people walk softly before God—This is Revival!

Today the word Revival has largely lost its real meaning. Our present generation, never having witnessed the mighty movings of God in nation-wide spiritual awakening such as has taken place in past generations, has little conception of the magnitude of such a "visitation."

REVIVAL is confused with EVANGELISM!

Heaven-sent revival is not religious entertainment where crowds gather to hear outstanding preachers and musical programs; neither is it the result of sensational advertising—in a God-sent revival you don't spend money on advertising; people come because Revival is there!

Revival is an "awareness of God" that grips the whole community, and the roadside, the tavern, as well as the church, becomes the place where men find Christ.

Here is the vast difference between our modern evangelistic campaigns and true revival. In the former, hundreds may be brought to a knowledge of Christ, and churches experience seasons of blessings but as far as the community is concerned little impact is made; the taverns, dance halls, and movies are still crowded, and godlessness marches on. In revival, the Spirit of God like a cleansing flame sweeps through the community.

Divine conviction grips people everywhere; the strongholds of the devil tremble and many close their doors, while multitudes turn to Christ!

Enjoy powerful videos and books all about revival.

Scripture promise for revival

     For I will pour water on him who is thirsty,

     And floods on the dry ground;

     I will pour My Spirit on your descendants,

     And My blessing on your offspring. Isaiah  44:3

Free Ebooks on Revival

They Told Me Their Stories. The Youth and Children of Azusa Street Tell Their Stories Retold by Brother Tommy

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Past Revivals - Articles and Videos

The Hebrides Revival On The Isle Of Lewis

An awesome account of what happens in a true revival!

Off the west coast of Scotland is a small group of islands called the Hebrides. Between 1949 and 1952 a wide spread revival swept through these islands in answer to the prayers of God's people.

Instrumental in this revival was the evangelist Duncan Campbell and two elderly intercessors sisters Peggy and Christine Smith.

Duncan Campbell came to the Isle of Lewis to conduct a two week evangelistic campaign and ended up staying two years.

This is his personal account of what happened. In a small cottage by the roadside in the village of Barvas lived two elderly women, Peggy and Christine Smith.

They were eighty-four and eighty-two years old. Peggy was blind and her sister almost bent double with arthritis. Unable to attend public worship, their humble cottage became a sanctuary where they met with God.

To them came the promise:

"I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground,"

they pleaded this day and night in prayer.

One night Peggy had a revelation, revival was coming and the church of her fathers would be crowded again with young people!

This video starts at 22 minutes if you want to listen from the beginning then you can drag the player pointer to the beginning.

Revival in Lewis (1949-53)

Short version only 8 minutes this is a summary of the above video

USA Revival - The Azusa Street Revival Documentary

Revival at Asbury College in 1970 

This revival grabbed the attention of the mainstream news media and became known nationwide

South Africa - The 1860 Revival in Worcester Western Cape 

This is the account of the Revival that started in Worcester, Western Cape South Africa. 

The Lord wants to do this once again in South Africa to transform our nation which is on the edge of the cliff. It is only the Lord Himself that can save South Africa from the darkness that is confronting us.

There are wells of revival in South Africa which Lord wants us to redig and release what He planted there over a century ago. 

The Initiation of Revival 

Reports from the 1857 Prayer Revival in America began to arrive at the Cape. The remnant had their hope of revival renewed. This renewed hope led several Dutch Reformed Church pastors to issue a new call to prayer in 1859. The call to prayer was printed in a newspaper on behalf of the South African Evangelical Alliance, and it read:

That a revival in our faith is necessary and earnestly desired is a fact that no one who is at all knowledgeable about the conditions of the churches in this Colony can deny. That such an awakening can occur through the abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and that the gift of the Holy Spirit is promised in answer to prayer are truths that are clearly taught in Scripture.

In addition to the renewed call to prayer, pastors were called upon to preach a series of sermons on consecutive Sundays on the character of God, the role of the Holy Spirit, and the need for both corporate and private prayer for the outpouring of the Spirit on the souls of Christians.

In addition to the above calls to prayer, an 85-page booklet describing the 1857 Prayer Revival in America was distributed to many congregations. The booklet emphasized the necessity of prayer both before and during a revival.

The Call to Prayer

In spite of the hopefulness of the remnant, the majority were still very skeptical of the potential for a revival, and prayer meetings were made up of only 3-4 people. To address the lack of corporate prayer and the prevailing skepticism, a conference was set to take place in Worcester on April 18–19, 1860.

The Worchester Conference

Andrew Murray was called to lead the congregation in Worcester at the same time that a conference of churches was to meet to discuss the subject of Revival. Carts, wagons and horses brought in 374 visitors representing 20 congregations. With great excitement the conference began 18 April, laying out the Scriptural basis for Revival.

According to C.Rabie, a teenager who attended the conference Revival began at the conference itself.

He wrote: “Ds. Murray (Jnr.)'s participation during the first part of the conference was limited to one prayer, but it was a prayer so full of power and emotion that people came under deep conviction of sin. You can safely say that the Revival dates from that moment.”

Revival at Worcester

Andrew Murray commenced his ministry at Worcester on Pentecost Sunday 27 May with a sermon on “The Ministration of the Spirit”. C. Rabie wrote: “It was as though one of the prophets of old had risen from the dead. The subjects were conversion and faith … deadly earnestness.”

Andrew Murray preached on: “What meanest thou o sleeper? Arise and call upon thy God.” Jonah 1:6; “He that believeth not shall be damned” Mark 16:16; “Friend, how camest thou in hither, not having a wedding garment?” Matthew 22:12. The congregation in Worcester had never heard such straight forward shocking Biblical preaching. The Revival in Worcester came like a firestorm.

Testimony of a pastor who was there

Servaas Hofmeyr, wrote: “Before the days of Revival the situation of our congregation was lamentable. Love of the world and sin; no earnestness or heartfelt desire for Salvation; sinning and idleness that was the order of the day for most … when the Lord started to move among us how intense were the prayers for Revival and the cries for mercy! 'I am lost!' cries one here.

'Lord, help me!' cries another. Anxious cries were uttered, heart rending testimonies of conversion were heard. Visions were seen … Corporate prayer, even behind bushes and rocks, on mountains and in ravines, men, women, greyheads, children, gentlemen, servants all kneeling on the same ground crying for mercy.

And none of this was expected by anyone, nor prepared by anyone, nor worked up, or preached by anyone. It was all the Spirit of God, and not for a few hours or days, but months long.”
Joy Unspeakable!

Prayer meetings were overflowing and full of fire and zeal. Early in the morning and late at night people would come singing to God's house. Repentance, renewal and rebirth. Devotion was deepened, vision widened. Cases of heartfelt conversion occurred daily.

Amongst the first to be impacted by the Revival were the coloured farm workers near Worcester. A written account of these farm workers described them as: “debased and shrivelled with drink and drunk all day long, sullen wretched creatures…” It was this least expected quarter that the Revival hit most powerfully.

Worcester Revival on a Farm

Revival began on a farm where people had been faithfully meeting in prayer each week for several months.

Andrew Murray, the pastor at the Dutch Reformed Church in Worcester, visited this farm. At this time he was very much opposed to emotions being expressed and was also opposed to services where the minister could not control what was taking place.

Murray was undoubtedly shocked to find that the coloureds on the farm were the ones first to experience the revival, and they had probably not even been baptized.

The scene witnessed by Murray also had unexplainable manifestations.

The Holy Spirit had so powerfully descended upon the farmhouse that people were crying out for mercy and falling to the ground merely by touching the doorknob.

News of this revival at the farm spread and those from neighboring farms began attending the prayer meetings.

For three months the family farm was forced to stop their farming activities to help the influx of inquirers seeking salvation.

Worcester Revival Spreads from Farm to Town

Not long after Andrew Murray visited the revival at the farm, the revival’s influence began to appear among his congregational members. The following eye-witness account is what took place during a prayer meeting of the youth. The account was written by J.C. de Vries, who was the youth leader at the time:

On a certain Sunday evening there were gathered in a little hall some sixty young people. I was leader of the meeting, which commenced with a hymn and a lesson from God’s Word, after which I engaged in prayer.

After three or four others had (as was customary) given out a verse of a hymn and offered prayer, a Coloured girl of about fifteen years of age, in service of a farmer from Hex River, rose at the back of the hall and asked if she might propose a hymn.

At first I hesitated, not knowing what the meeting would think, but better thoughts prevailed and I replied, Yes. She gave out her hymn-verse and prayed in moving tones.

While she was praying, we heard as it were a sound in the distance, which came nearer and nearer, until the hall seemed to be shaken, and with one or two exceptions, the whole meeting began to pray – the majority in audible voice, but some in whispers. 
Nevertheless, the noise made by the concourse was deafening.

A feeling which I cannot describe took possession of me. Even now, forty-three years after these occurrences, the events of that never-to-be-forgotten night pass before my mind’s eye like a soul-stirring panorama.

I feel again as I then felt, and cannot refrain from pushing my chair backwards and thanking the Lord fervently for his mighty deeds.

At that time Rev. A. Murray was minister of Worcester. He had preached that evening in the English language. When the service was over, an elder [Mr Jan Rabie] passed the door of the hall, heard the noise, peeped in, and then hastened to call Mr. Murray, returning presently with him.

Mr. Murray came forward to the table where I knelt praying, touched me, and made me understand that he wanted me to rise. He then asked me what had happened.

I related everything to him. He then walked down the hall for some distance and called out, as loudly as he could, People, silence! But the praying continued.

In the meantime I too kneeled down again. It seemed to me that if the Lord was coming to bless us, I should not be upon my feet but on my knees.

Mr. Murray then called again aloud, People, I am your minister sent from God, silence! But there was no stopping the noise. No one heard him, but all continued praying and calling on God for mercy and pardon.

Mr. Murray then returned to me, and told me to start the hymn-verse commencing ‘Help de ziel die raadloos schreit’ (Aid the soul that helpless cries). I did so, but the emotions were not quieted, and the meeting went on praying.

Mr. Murray then prepared to depart, saying, ‘God is a God of order, and here everything is confusion.’ With that, he left the hall.

J.C. de Vries has also documented the following report of what happened after that Sunday night:

After that [the outbreak of revival amongst the young people] the prayer meetings were held every evening. At the commencement there was generally great silence, but after the second or third prayer the whole hall was moved as before, and everyone fell to praying.

Sometimes the gathering continued to three in the morning. And even then, many wished to remain longer, or returning homewards, went singing through the streets.

The little hall was soon quite too small, and we were compelled to move to the school building, which also was presently full to overflowing, as scores and hundreds of country-folk streamed into the village.

On the first Saturday evening in the larger meeting-house, Mr. Murray was the leader. He read a portion of Scripture, made a few observations on it, engaged in prayer, and then gave others the opportunity to pray.

During the prayer which followed of his, I heard again the sound in the distance. It drew nearer and nearer, and suddenly the whole gathering was praying.

That evening a stranger had been standing at the door from the commencement, watching the proceedings.

Mr. Murray descended from the platform, and moved up and down among the people, trying to quieten them. The stranger then tiptoed forwards from his position at the door, touched Mr. Murray gently, and said in English:‘I think you are the minister of this congregation. Be careful what you do, for it is the Spirit of God that is at work here. I have just come from America, and this is precisely what I witnessed there.

It was from this point on that Andrew Murray embraced emotion-laced prayers, and even involuntary prostrations.

Other Dutch Reformed ministers tried to get him to stop the manifestations, but he responded with a quote from George Whitefield:

If you try to stamp out the wildfire and remove what is false, you will equally and simultaneously remove what is real.
Nicolaas Hofmeyr wrote: “A Spirit of humility is observable amongst us. 

We see ourselves in all our loathsomeness as lost and wretched children of Wrath unable of ourselves to do any good thing. … The Spirit of prayer increases and the supplications become more earnest … - this is the work of the Holy Spirit … the sense of sin is increasing.

Deep humility is observable and still our souls have been refreshed … God is being sought in secret.”

Revival of 1874 In Montagu

A second revival took place in Montagu in 1874 which was even more powerful than the one in 1860. The difference between the two was that the 1860 revival was one that involved deep conviction of sin on the part of the Christians, and the 1874 revival was noted for its joyful praise and worship.

This revival of 1874 also spread to many other towns across the Cape of Africa. One example was in the town of Soutpansberg, where a revival broke out in 1875 among the children on the mission station.
The Holy Spirit came with such power among them that they did not eat or sleep for three nights. This revival soon spread to adults and African tribes located in the area. The report was that old people, witchdoctors, and even murderers wailed like children.
The scenes were reported as having been “indescribable”.

These prayer meetings met up to three times daily. People began sharing their faith, and many were saved.

An anonymous author gives this report of what took place during the times of prayer:

When He [the Lord] started to wander amongst us, how intense were the prayers for revival and the cries for mercy! ‘I am lost,’ cries one here. ‘Lord help me,’ cries another. It was impossible to calm them.
Extraordinary scenes were witnessed in those days. 
Anxious cries were uttered, heavy with fear. Heart-rendering testimonies of conversion were heard. Visions were seen and troubled dreams dreamt. 
Here in corporate prayer, elsewhere in quiet dwellings, even behind bushes and rocks, on mountains and in ravines, men, women, greyheads, children, gentlemen, servants –all kneeling on the same ground crying for mercy. 
And none of this expected by anyone, nor prepared by anyone, nor worked up or preached by anyone. 
It was all the Spirit of God; and not for a few hours or days, but months long. Oh! Blessed days! Come speedily to us again with your blessing! Come speedily again!

The Cape Bows to Christ

The Evangelical Alliance issued a nationwide call for all churches in the Cape Colony to set aside a week in January for united prayer. 

The Cape was literally on its knees.

Revival in Paarl
Ds. Gottlieb van der Lingen preached: “Are you, congregation of Paarl, being awakened by these cries of Revival? Wake up, you who sleep! Arise from the dead and Christ will shine His light on you…! And what if you don't awaken now? Will you then ever be renewed before the terrible Awakening to take place in the hereafter?” It was during that week of prayer in January 1861 that Revival swept through Paarl.

There were heart rending pleas for mercy and soul wrenching confessions of sin.
The church building became too small to hold the growing crowds. The interest in prayer required numerous new prayer meetings to be established.

Members of the Paarl congregation experienced lengthy periods of wrestling through self-examination, repentance and surrendering all to God. There were great cries for mercy and ultimately many tears of thankfulness and joy.
Ds. van der Lingen exclaimed:

“How many years have I not served God as a servant? But what a great difference between serving Him as a servant and serving Him as a son!

I only now understand the freedom.”

Pentecost Services

In May 1862 Ds. van der Lingen suggested that the congregation should assemble for prayer during the ten days between Ascension Day and Pentecost. The adoption of Pentecost services throughout the Dutch Reformed Churches remains one of the significant fruits of the 1860 Revival.
Graaff Reinet

In April 1861 Revival erupted in Graaff Reinet. A prayer meeting that began after a communion service on Sunday evening became so powerfully aware of the presence of God's Holy Spirit that the meeting lasted non-stop until Tuesday midday before the congregation went home!

Reversal of Fortunes

The Dutch Reformed Church at the Cape was changed forever. From the earliest days of the Cape Colony there had always been a desperate shortage of pastors. Now over 50 young men came forward to be trained for the ministry. A Bible based newspaper, Die Volksvriend, was launched in January 1862 by Andrew Murray and Servaas Hofmeyr. Resistance to missions evaporated.

Two Waves of Revival

It was from May to December of 1860 that the first wave of this revival hit the Cape of Africa. The reports of the revival created deep hunger in areas that had not yet been affected by it, and they did not want God to pass them by.

The Evangelical Alliance called for a week of prayer, for January 5-13, 1861, and God responded by sending a second wave of revival, spreading throughout the Cape Colony.

Infectious Nature of Revivals

People from other towns would visit the revival that was being experienced in Montagu and other locations, and upon returning to their hometowns, they would find that they became carriers of the “revival spirit”, and the revival would be replicated in their town.

South Africa: This map reflects locations where Dutch Reformed Churches reported revivals having taken place.

Some of the Results of the Revival

►The presence of God placed a huge burden upon people to pray.

►Prayer meetings became a regular part of church life, whereas before the revival they were practically non-existent.

►People began to share their faith.

►People were daily being saved.

►Church attendance grew dramatically.

►Remarkable unity among believers was displayed.

►Many families experienced reconciliation.

►Businesses stopped their unlawful practices.

►Working conditions changed for the better.

►Juvenile crime and sexual immorality stopped.

►Slowly the prisons emptied.

►Restitution and payments were made for old debts.

►Missions giving multiplied.

►Renewed emphasis on missions emerged, whereas before the revival there was an “anti-missions stronghold” that gripped the region.

►Not less than 50 young men were called into the ministry (Dutch Reformed Church).

►The Women’s Missionary Union was established.

►Not less than 30 young men started training as missionaries.

►A Missions Training Institute was started.

►The missionary vision of the Dutch Reformed Church exploded with mission stations being established in Moshonaland, Matabeleland, Bechuanaland, Nyasaland, Nigeria and Sudan. Due to the revival’s influence, the Dutch Reformed Church alone started 12 new mission stations in various nations on the African continent. By 1900 they had 304 missionaries and 72,079 converts.

►The Dutch Reformed Church started 1,147 schools with 2,699 teachers and 96,309 students.

The effects of the revival continued for well over 50 years.

This article comprises of extracts taken from these two articles here and here.

South Africa - 1990's Revival in the Western Cape

The reason we are releasing these Chronicles of Revival in South Africa is to honour the Lord for what He has done in the past and to say to Him "Do IT AGAIN Lord!"

What He has done in the past He wants to do again, but this time on a much higher level.

Listen to these awesome accounts by Willie Vermaak whom God used in such a might way in the 1990's in the Western Cape 

Chronicles of Revival - Part 1 | Willie Vermaak

The supernatural glory that was released through Willie's ministry will be released again. This time the Lord wants to release His glory not just over one Church but entire cities and regions.

Let your faith arise as you listen and ask Father to do it again… in Cape Town and in your City and nation.

Chronicles of Revival - Part 2 | Willie Vermaak

Prophetic Words On The Revival That is Coming

Heaven's Blueprint for Revival in South Africa and Africa

Find out more about the Blueprint for Revival in South Africa Revival in South Africa here

The Lord gave us an amazing view of the Revival to come in South Africa, Africa, Israel and the Nations.

The Lord has revealed 7 cities of revival.
The seven cities of revival in South Africa are Cape Town, George, Port Elizabeth, Uppington, Bloemfontein, Durban and Johannesburg.

Revival seven cities of revival Its time

If you want to be added to want to be added to one of the seven cities whatsapp group and stay informed on Gatherings for Revival in South Africa then register below.

Register For One of the Seven Cities of Revival

The seven cities of revival in South Africa are

Cape Town, George, Port Elizabeth, Uppington, Bloemfontein, Durban and Johannesburg.

The Revival Mantle - First Dream- Part 1 | Dutch Sheets

They are related/sequel dreams, given to Gina Gholston, the first one in July of 2021 and the sequel just last week May 2022. Allow them to encourage your heart and mind.

Gina says: “July 5, 2021, I dreamed I was with a group of people visiting a place of great significance in revival history. We arrived at the old church, built of grayish/white stone, and stepped inside.

“We thought we were alone, but began to hear a man’s voice ringing out from behind the pulpit. Though we could not see the man, as the dreamer of this dream I could see that he was on his knees with his right hand lifted toward heaven; he was in deep, travailing prayer - so intense, so full of passion and sincerity!

It was as though he was being emptied out with every word.

As he spoke, he would rock back and forth on his knees, with his hand lifted the whole time. His face was red because of the extreme intensity of his prayer. Four or five times he repeated this same prayer:

‘Alas, this cross that I must bear, ’tis not a task for me.

Its weight is light, for my delight is to do all that You ask of me! 

I’m turning now . . . to see Your face; ’tis all that matters to me!

I lift mine eyes; Lord, hear my cry. 



“As he prayed, it was as though an electrical current could be tangibly felt; we were all brought to tears as the weightiness of the presence of God completely filled the room. Our group reverently walked to our left and sat down on a pew, not wanting to disturb the man.

“I don’t have words to explain this, but the whole atmosphere filled with the pleasure of God. I wish I were able to adequately articulate how it felt! We could feel that God was so pleased with this man and his prayer.

The feeling of God’s pleasure was almost tangible.

“As we listened in awe to what he was saying, the full realization hit us that we were going to carry this mantle, and we all looked at each other with a look that said, 

‘We can’t carry that! It’s too heavy! It’s too big!’

We were amazed that he was still able to stand under the weight of it as he spoke. I was so overcome by the magnitude of what was happening I was sobbing. Getting up off the pew, I stepped into an aisle and fell to my knees. Everyone did.

Knowing we had been sent by God to receive this mantle, I asked the question we were all thinking: ‘How can we carry it? It’s SO big!’ Naturally speaking, this seemed impossible!

“The man responded,

You cannot wear this mantle and look forward or around you. If you do, it will be misused and torn; it will become cumbersome and even wearisome for you.
You must ever look upward and be completely enthralled by the Lord. 
Focus on Him! Pursue Him! Long for Him! And soon the weight of the mantle will be absorbed by the passion in your heart for more of Him.’

The Welsh Revival (The Revival Mantle - Part 2) | Dutch Sheets

The visitation of the Holy Spirit in Wales in 1904-1905 was widespread and felt everywhere. It truly was a revival where God, in answer to prayer, poured out His presence unilaterally, and without focus on any one leader.

The services were full, packed to the brim with people, hungry to receive from the Lord. The Welsh love to sing and this revival was sometimes called The Singing Revival.

The Bible College of Wales shares: “The singing would segue into intercession as loud cries of ‘mercy’ rose to heaven like incense. All over the country, testimonies of hardened souls receiving salvation and lives being changed were heard.

The impact of the Lord’s hand was evident. Stories of courts abandoned due to a lack of crime and bars shutting down were commonplace. Entertainment, such as football matches, lacked attendance as people were so hungry for His presence. Sales of pocket Testaments were snapped up as people hungered for the Bread of Life.

“A story was told of how the horses in the mines were confused because they had been driven by men using profanity and kicks, but those disappeared. The Revival so seized the nation that the Western Mail in Cardiff published ‘Revival Editions.’ How often does one see religious news take front page in a national and secular newspaper? In these editions, revival news superseded current affairs, and testimonies replaced tabloids, telling of how the Welsh were more interested in God and His kingdom than the affairs of this world. The back of the paper even contained a hymn and a summary of the number of conversions to date.”(1) Amazing!

“The revival started in the South and a few days later broke out in the North, as well; within a few weeks, it had spread to all parts of Wales like a prairie fire. People began to flock to the church buildings. Sometimes all the churches in one town would be filled with people, for up to 24 hours a day. In some places there was preaching, in others, there was just singing and testimonies, in still others just people being led to pray out loud.

“The national employment was primarily in the coal mines. These were places of terrible ungodliness, with much swearing, blaspheming, and gambling. But now, services were held hundreds of feet under the earth. Sometimes 300 men would gather to hear the reading of Scripture, sing hymns, and offer prayers.

“Of the revival’s results, one of the most marvelous effects was upon the courts of justice throughout Wales. Criminal calendars were reduced to a minimum. Lists of convictions dwindled to nothing. Judges had, instead of the usual long lists of cases awaiting trial, blank sheets of paper, without a single name.

“One newspaper report said: ‘Truly God has visited His people in Wales. It is not a question of one town being awakened, but of the whole Principality being on fire.

Police courts are idle, family feuds pacified, old-standing debts paid, the family altar re-erected, and Bible study becomes a passion. This is the finger of God. Not only does it hold a large place in the religious weeklies, but the chief Cardiff journals give columns to the Revival each day, and some of the principal London papers give a full column every morning.’

“But above all, there were the converts, 100’s of them! After a very few weeks, there were 10,000, and after a couple of months, there were 30,000. When 6 months had passed there were over 70,000 new Christians and after 9 months the figure leapt to around 100,000 new converts.

Evan Roberts was one of the leaders of this revival. Read the full transcript here

The Revival Mantle - Second Dream - Part 3 - | Dutch Sheets

In Part 1 post, Dutch shared the first of two connected dreams received by Gina Gholston. The first dream occurred in July, 2021, and ended with the phrase: “To Be Continued.” 

“On May 21, 2022, Gina has the second dream in this series.

“Then the three of us looked at one another as a revelation hit us, ‘It’s the mantle of REVIV-AL!’ [revive all]

“I said to the lady, ‘This is the mantle of revival, and it revives.’

“She said, ‘I feel it! I feel it!’

“We watched as, right before our eyes, strength and life came into this lady. Her body filled out and was completely restored. She began smiling and glowing with peace and joy. We sat with her, rejoicing over her miracle. After a while she left, and we all sat there looking at one another in amazement, wondering, ‘What just happened?’ We were shocked!

“Then the Lord spoke - AUDIBLY! We all heard His voice.

‘I gave you the mantle, now I’m going to show you what to do with it.

It’s not just to be worn and talked about because of its beauty.

There is purpose for this mantle, and there is purpose for My placing of it on you. 

You must learn how to use it for My purposes.

This is My answer to your question, “What do we do now?”

You must learn how to use the mantle.’

“Suddenly, people began coming to us, telling us of various problems, health issues, or other situations they were dealing with. We would listen, then sit them down at the table and wrap them in the mantle.

“One young couple was weeping due to severe marital problems. We wrapped them in the corner of the mantle and they were both healed, delivered of emotional issues, and their marriage was restored.

Full transcript here

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The Baby of RevivalBy Mirjam HorakI was asking the Lord what will it look like when this baby I have been seeing comes forth. What does the baby of Revival look like?I didn’t get an answer immediately, but instead, I saw Jesus walking up the mountain.He walked up a steep ledge and it was becoming

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Preparing a City for His Revival Fire! In this vision, the Lord goes into detail as to what happens when we go from personal surrender to corporate surrender which leads to revival in a city. We are preparing a City for His Revival Fire. He is giving us keys and steps for Revival so that

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Expectancy The Door of Glory Awaits YouMirjam HorakListen to the Podcast belowWhen we prayed over the food I saw angels coming in.They kept saying the word, “Expect, expect.”They were ministering that word “expectancy” to each of us and I believe it’s much more than just for us.I really had the Eagles and intercessors group on

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The humble taking pleasure in their weakness If you feeling you getting weaker and weaker. Then you are in a good place. Paul was there and He asked the Lord to remove trials in his life. Then the Lord taught Paul one of the greatest lessons of Paul’s life. To take pleasure in his weakness

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The Staircase to Revival There is a staircase that leads to the Spirit of revival that the Lord wants to pour out on the vessels of revival. Mirjam Horak Surrender your vessel into His Vessel to receive the Spirit of Revival I first saw stairs. Then I saw the Lord. Finally, I saw the Spirit

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