Heaven's Blueprint for Revival in Africa, Israel and the Nations

Heaven's Blueprint For Revival - Part 1

Revival is Coming to South Africa and Africa

By Warren and Mirjam Horak

Are you prepared?

It is Time to release...

We have been seeking the Lord and praying over this Blue Print for over 10 years now.


Up until now we have not released these visions other than to a very few people, due to the importance and nature of these words.


We now believe it is time, to release some of the key words from the Blue Print as we move into a very important stage of preparing for revival in South Africa.


Below are some very important extracts from the Blue Print for Revival that the Lord gave to Mirjam Horak in 2008.


For some background, Mirjam is from Holland and when the Lord sent her to South Africa in 2008, she asked the Lord what is the main purpose of sending her to South Africa.

The Lord then started to give Mirjam a major download of visions over the next few months, which became what we call the Blue Print for Revival.

I was amazed at the detail and accuracy as Mirjam did not know what I knew about the prophecies for Revival in South Africa, starting from the Cape etc.


We are only permitted to release some extracts of this 57 page Blue Print.  


For the sake of clarity in this word you will see the Lord refer to Torchbearers over and over. 

Torchbearer's are those who carry a Torch of Revival, who are called and prepared to host and steward the coming revival.


The Intercessors are called to walk with the torchbearers and are key to the entire revival as you will see in the Blue Print.

The reason we released this word now is to connect and gather with the torchbearers from the seven cities of revival.

There is much training still needed for the Vessel of revival to be ready and prepared to host the glory and fire of God.

We humbly submit this word to those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying at this time.

You can listen to the audio version which goes into more depth below. This was shared at our gatherings in Gordon's bay in Cape town.

Join us in your city to pray for Revival

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The Lord has revealed 7 cities of revival. 

The seven cities of revival in South Africa are Cape Town, George, Port Elizabeth, Uppington, Bloemfontein, Durban and Johannesburg

It is hidden for a reason.

The Lord has done this for strategic reason, surprise is coming!

Open Heavens and Fresh Fire

Above South Africa I saw a massive big, thick black sky.

It was very difficult to get prayers and worship through this massive black thickness.

Then I saw open heavens over each of the 7 cities, where the torch was, there were open heavens because of the fire.

Saw a very large crowd of people. The fire that is created by the torches from the seven cities draws many people to it.

This is not a fire we have seen before, it is a new fire, a fresh fire.

People are drawn to it, all these people have come, thousands are drawn at a time and they are coming from the seven cities.

This is a river of people drawn to the fire.
They come to this fire to receive. 

They walk right into the fire. They walk through the fire to the other side.

Whatever is created when the seven torches come together, will draw many, many people to it.

There is a hunger in these people, who have a deep hunger and aching for something new, they are crying out!! 

The aching is what draws them into the fire. 

I saw a massive atomic explosion with waves moving outward across the nation.

The Key of Revival

I saw a big key and many people carrying the key, the tip of the key is a flame.

Many people are working together to put the key into the key hole. 

When it goes into the keyhole, the door opens over South Africa and even Africa.

The door is in the heavens. The main thing is the people must work together.

If one goes left and the other goes to the right, the key won’t go in the key hole.

I saw them carrying the key from the one place to the next, over the country the key is massive almost the size of the country.

When this key goes into the key hole God releases new things we haven’t seen before. 

As they work in unity, then the key is put in the key hole. The key is been carried above their heads.

The key is obedience and only corporate obedience will open heaven's door over Africa.

I saw the hand of the Lord adding details to the key, these details are ingredients of the key, and the combination of what He writing on the key is what will open the door combined with the fire. 

The seven key ingredients to the Key of Revival

The back of the key is the menorah with the seven torches.
The finger of God is writing the details on the key.

The key has seven key ingredients  the seven spirits of God:

The Spirit of the Lord, wisdom , understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and fear of the Lord.

The Seven Spirits of God - Menorah


The Spirit of the Lord


The Spirit of Wisdom


The Spirit of Understanding


The Spirit of Counsel 


The Spirit of Might


The Spirit of Knowledge


The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord 

The Seven Spirits of God the Menorah
The writing is like in a brail form; you need to touch it to read it.

The 7 ingredients that move the key are:














Fear of the Lord 

I saw the key being carried by the people, moving, moving, moving, going north, being carried up – then suddenly an angel with a treasure box, in heaven.

The angel then opens it very carefully, saying to me “see, these are the ingredients to the key”

He slowly opens the box, and tells me to carefully watch what is in this box.

He is showing me and I sense it is a great honour, like a privilege to see what is in this box.

He said to me “watch with fear, the fear of the Lord”

I then felt like looking away as the box was opening, but he told me “do not look away, learn to be familiar”

Then I saw the carriers of the key again, they are clothed in such humility, like in sackcloth’s, they were repenting as they walk, they were in tears, weeping, reminding me of a walk of repentance across the nations.

Then the Lord said,

“I want to release the spirit of repentance, of humility, of meekness”

Those that carry the key were releasing these things over the country.

They were weeping, weeping, weeping, really earnestly repenting and therefore proclaiming the blood, because of their repentance.

The key is transferred from one nation to the next.

The Lord raising up torchbearers in the next country, see He has given them the authority to carry the key in THAT country – a special authority that He has released.

The seven nations where the river of fire will flow across Africa are:


South Africa






The Congo







Once this river reaches Israel the river will turn into gold and go from Israel to the entire earth into all seven continents.

The “experienced” torchbearers have to pray the next (“new”) ones through as they carry the key.

There is now a full-scale movement going on in the heavens, in the spirit realm, as the key moves more north.

It is like heaven is so excited about what is happening on earth – thinking of the words.

“On earth as it is in heaven” angels greatly rejoicing, really excited, jumping up and down like children get excited.

All because of what is happening and being released on earth through this key of obedience and humility.

As the carriers of the key move more north, they are carrying the key to the next nation, and the next, and the next.

Prepare for Revival

Father has instructed us to prepare the way for His Revival.

He is calling together the Torchbearers (those who carry a Torch of Revival and who are called and prepared to host and steward the coming revival.) 

He also calling together the eagles and intercessors who are called with the torchbearers to prepare for and host revival. 

It is time to connect and gather and learn to host Revival!

If this word touches your soul deeply and feel that this lines up with the Lords calling in your life, then please contact us.

If you feel that the Lord wants you to connect with us concerning revival contact
us here.

We will be starting a WhatsApp group for the other cities as soon as we have connected with the torchbearers and intercessors.

For those called to host and pray for revival in SA in the seven cities of revival. There is one group for each of the following cities of Revival

We have already had gatherings and have an active WhatsApp group in Cape Town.

We have just started Whatsapp Groups for the other six cities. 

You can read more and join here

The 7 Cities of Revival


Cape Town: City of Revival


George: City of Revival


Port Elizabeth: City of Revival


Upington: City of Revival


Bloemfontein: City of Revival


Durban: City of Revival


Johannesburg: City of Revival

God is Writing His Name in FIRE over South Africa with the Seven Cities of Revival. Got this pic from Colleen Martin.

When one joins the cities, it forms the Hebrew letter ‘shin’. This is seen on every mezuzah and represents the Name, El Shaddai.

We are very excited as we see the Lord aligning his invisible army all across South Africa.

Join us in your city to pray for Revival

To stand tuned to more about Revival and how to prepare you can register. Also join one our active 7 Revival WhatsApp groups 

Heaven's Blueprint For Revival - Part 2

You can listen to the audio version below which goes into more depth below. This was shared at our Joburg Gathering of Fire on the 14 July 2018.

The Lion of Judah

Then the Lord showed me the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

He was walking in a slow pace, yet very determined where to put His feet. 

He was coming from Israel, walking over the continent of Africa, going to South Africa.

This Lion was so big, it took Him a few minutes to walk across the continent.

I saw this Lion has fire in His feet and in the end of His tail – the furry part.

His tail was dragging behind Him over the ground He walks on, like He is wanting to light it on fire.

He is walking in this river of golden fire, going down, down, down, to the south point of Africa. I see this river now again, and as the streams lead upwards, north across Africa, I see it is making a stairway leading up up up – this river had much movement, and it is like it’s because of the movement of the fire that these stairs are created.

The stairs reminded me of the dream Jacob had in the OT – angels ascending and descending on the stairs – I sense these stairs lead to something God has, to give to Africa, that is not yet revealed.
Heavenly Storage room is full of surprises!

The Lion now walked to the centre of the continent of Africa – and started walking in a big circle. As He did, a big circle was created. This circle was like a clock, and I saw the numbers 1-12 indicating the times.

The Lion started walking this circle, starting at 1 o’clock, going to 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock and so on – all the way till 11 o’clock.

As He passes over each number, 1,2,3 etc, His tail lights up the numbers one by one, all the way till 11 o’clock, I sense it is 5 to twelve.

Then I heard the Lord say:

"It is time for My fire"

The Lion now walks up north, all the way up to Israel. Suddenly I am at the wailing wall, watching the Lion walk up to this man sitting there at the wailing wall.

He was sitting with his back against the wall – he looks extremely tired, I see his face is tear stained – and the look in his eyes is a look desperation I have never seen before.

Next to this man sat a little boy – the man was trying to teach the little boy how to pray, but they both just sat with their backs against the wall, completely at the end of their rope.

He has not given up, but it is like he has no strength left.

The Lord said,

“This man at the Wailing Wall represents all the intercessors that have been fervently praying for My fire to be released, in Africa and in Israel, even the nations.

The intercessors are at the end of their rope, but now is the time!”*
The lion takes a look at the man and says.

It is time for My fire!"

The Lion and the man now stand next to each other, and the Lion is teaching the man to breathe out, over Israel, over Africa.

Together they are now blowing, breathing out their breath, which I sense are the intercessory prayers.

The Lion strengthens this man, and as they blow together, I see waves of gold come from their breathing, in a great movement coming from Israel, to Africa. 

Now these rivers of Gold were spreading FROM Israel, to the nations.

I saw at least 7 rivers, which I sense are the continents – going over Africa, Europe, Asia, America, Antarctica, Australia– everywhere I looked over the nations were now rivers of Gold coming from Israel, all over the world. 

I am watching the times

Above the black thick sky, I saw a white eagle fly. 

It was the Lord Himself, and I asked Him, what are You doing? He said,

“I am watching the times”

The eagle was looking through the open heavens above the cities with the torch.

The ROAR released

Then He showed me similar clocks like the one big one I saw over the African continent. The same clock was over each of the seven cities.

I saw the Lion walking around each clock, just like the bigger one. And each city was at a different time.

I saw it was very close to twelve o’clock in PE, and from PE moving south to the next city – George.

As PE hit 12 o’clock, a massive fire was ignited, and a roar like that of a Lion was released.

The sound of the roar reached the next city, and as the sound of the roar reached the city, the clock over that city hits 12 o’clock and the fire in that city is then ignited, a roar is released, and the sound of that roar is added to the roar of the previous city.

Together they form a louder roar, and this roar travels to the next city. As the sound of this roar reaches the next city, the same thing happens.

Now with each city that releases a roar, the sound of the roar is added to the previous roars, together forming a louder and louder roar.

Eventually, altogether they formed one massive roar, roaring over South Africa.

Seven torchbearers from Seven Cities

Then I heard the Lord say:

“I AM not doing this just in this nation, I Am also doing it in Israel and across the nations.”

The Lord is raising up torchbearers across the nations.

Then I saw the 7 torchbearers from the cities each having their own tunnel underground. Throughout the country they were being connected underground.


Each tunnel met up with the next tunnel, underground.

I saw there is much unity and agreement.

I saw these 7 torchbearers arm in arm in a circle, like brothers – they were forming a circle and holding their torches up to form one big torch together.

I saw the blazing fire of this torch, I could even hear it.

There was so much unity between those 7 torches – and because of the unity, the flame of the torch was so big.

The circle they formed was now being surrounded by another circle of people.

The 7 torchbearers now face outward of the circle and bring their torches to the ground, to light this next circle.

As they do, these next torches turn as well, and light the next, and the next, and the next.

I sense the circle around the 7 torchbearers are those people close to them.

The hole in the heavens over these 7 torchbearers is BIG, just like the open heavens over the cities where the torches are from, the open heavens above the torchbearers is enormous.

Then I see that as the next circle is lit, and the next, and the next, the hole in the heavens is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Eventually creating a massive open heaven over Africa.

Saw in the cities with the torch, saw a massive fire burning in each city because of the torch. Then I see the fire is being shot like missiles from the cities to the surrounding places, especially the poor areas.

There is not just a few missiles, but I see many missiles launched all over the country covering the whole of South Africa. It almost looks like a network that is now no longer underground, but “visible” above the ground.

Banners raised over each city

Saw flag poles coming out of the walls in these cities – on the flags was writing.
For PE I saw the name, very clear. I saw blue and white, and some of the writing was in black.

For Cape town I saw the name as well – and this way each city had a banner with writing on it.

God is raising the banners of each city.

The Key of David for Africa

Now see a big key come down, the key of David in Isaiah 22:22

The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder; So he shall open, and no one shall shut;  And he shall shut, and no one shall open.

The broken weeping warriors cry out for the nation

Saw pieces of a broken vessel, the Lord was holding them in His hand.

Then saw this angel with a long rope, he looked like he was braiding the rope. Really see him very focussed on binding together the parts of the chord, making them like a tight braid that cannot be separated.

Then see the angel is connecting the pieces of the broken vessels with the rope. It looks like the strangest thing, and while asking the Lord what this means, I see people lined up on the boarders of the country.

They are to cry out. They are to be broken. They are to be connected by the rope.

"Who will cry out for the country?"

Sense the Lord is calling the watchmen of this nation to stand on the wall and not be moved!

Sense He is looking for broken weeping warriors to stand on the walls of this nation – like the heart of the Father breaks for this nation, so their heart breaks.

They weep.

Saw someone standing on a high rock, calling and crying out. Saw the person had a scroll in the one hand and a shofar in the other.

I see this person is reading and proclaiming from the scroll over the country, saying “who will cry out for this nation?”

See the person reading from the scroll, and after each segment read he blows the shofar. Then reads again, and blows again. He kept diligently repeating this over and over.

Asked the Lord for scripture, and got Luke 19:38-40. The triumphal entrance.

The whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works they had seen, saying: “‘Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the LORD!’

Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”

And some of the Pharisees called to Him from the crowd, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples.” But He answered and said to them, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.”

If this person, representing the watchmen on the wall for this nation, is not crying out God will replace them.

There are people, who are really crying out, but there must be unity among the watchmen in the nation, so they can cry out in one voice!

The sound released from their cry will open many doors.

Now see way down south in the country, and see a big double door open.

Really sense He wants us to cry out for the nation, not to postpone, but right NOW.

Then saw a big ivory door, it looks like marble.

The door was leading to the throne from the side.

After that I didn’t see anything but a big sceptre, and I heard “now is the time for favour.”

See the watchmen lined up on the walls of the country, see the first one facing inwards toward the country, and the second facing outward toward the nations, third inward, fourth outward, etc etc.

See the ones facing inward with a scroll, the ones outward with a shofar.

Blow the trumpet. Speak My word. 

Rick Riding' s words

This word includes the words from Rick Riding about the Lion of Judah and South Africa and the Tipping point word how they all connect with the Blueprint and Gods holy Highway in Africa.

Here is a written copy of Rick Riding's word

Training for Revival

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There are now 38 videos on this playlist.

Click the top right button on the video player to see the full list of videos as they were from all over South Africa. 

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