Off the Grid

Purpose of the Channel

To focus on discussing the best food, health, education, business, farming, government, renewable energy, innovations and alternative solutions for His people.

Preparing to overcome and thrive in the end times.

We have a wealth of valuable information shared on this group.

Not a place for prayer requests or general intercession, but a place of sharing knowledge and solutions.

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Group Guidelines

Strategy and how the group will work for now:

We value each person on the Channel's input, and have set up an orderly process to remain strategic and focused.

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You can download Telegram here:  for Android phones, Apple and Windows PC version

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Topic admins

We will appoint subject matter experts who will be made Topic Admins who can will post on their chosen Topic. (An expert is someone who knows more than 90% of other people on a specific topic.)

There can be more than Topic Admin per subject matter.

We are not looking for qualification, but revelation and relevant information to be passed on to the group.

Their primary role is as a gatekeeper and facilitator of their topic.

A Topic Admin person needs to source reliable information and feed the entire group this info.

Anyone in the group is allowed to message the admins in order to ask questions or pass on relevant information needed for the group.

We will try our best to collate all relevant information per topic and load it on a website, where you can access all the information as and when needed.

You will be given access to the website and will be allowed to comment under each topic and ask questions and even post information. As we aim to build a powerful database with relevant information.

Your suggestions and input is important. You welcome to give the admins your suggestions and Topic information.

How to apply to be a Topic Admin

To apply for an admin broadcast role. Please send me Warren on either group whether on WhatsApp or Telegram a private message with your name and an overview of your subject and what your draft blueprint entails for your topic.

The draft blueprint does not need to be a comprehensive document but an overview. Broken down into the following headings:

1. Purpose = The why of the topic
2. Vision = The end goal to be accomplished
3. Strategy = How this will be achieved in point form

Please add the experience that you have had in this area.

Topic Admins information will be added and posted from time to time.



Please make sure your posts remain within the group topics, which are:

The topics will include, but are not limited to:

1. Food:
2. Health & Medical:
3. Education:
4. Business:
5. Agriculture:
6. Technology & Media:
7. Finance & Investment:
8. Renewable energy:
9. Inventions & Innovation:
10. Government & Politics:
11. Community and off the grid living:


Please address your questions and information to the Topic Admins as they are appointed and listed.

2. Love

Let's love each other and be kind to each other even when we might not agree on what others might say or post.

3. This is a learning group

We are here to learn from the vast wisdom and knowledge that is among us. We are here to innovate and move forward and not come under the control of enemies agenda.

4. This group is Not for General posts and prayer alerts

This group is not to be used to post national prayer requests or general info as to what the enemy is doing in SA.

We are here to support each other so we can be effective.

This is not for general updates or information on what is happening in the Body of Christ or in the nations.

If there is an *emergency or crisis*, then please ask admin before posting alerts and prayer requests etc. It is up to admin to allow or not allow posts on that issue.

5. Only Post in English

Every tribe nation and tongue will worship before His throne. He loves all peoples and tribes and languages everyone is equal before him.

We use English as the main language of the group even though it might not be your mother tongue. Please only post in English.

6. Posting Videos, Audio Files and Pics:

All videos and audios to have a proper description of the content of video or audio file. Please make sure they line up with the purpose of the group. This rule is here for the following reasons:

~ People have limited time and don’t have the time to listen to your video or audio to find out what it's all about.

~ Many have limited data and cannot afford to load the whole file to find out what it is all about. Sadly some have been forced to leave the group because of too many posts of large files.

~ This is about helping our brothers and sisters to save time and money by writing a proper detailed description with the audio.

So overall please limit the number of media files (Video, Audio, Pics) that you post, out of love and consideration for everyone on this group.

We also don't want it to become a general chat group.


Warren and Mirjam Horak