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God's Eternal Plan for your life

This series helps you discover and walk out God's Eternal Plan for your life. Each one of us has a blue print in heaven as we follow the Lord this blue print for our lives is revealed. To find God's eternal plan for your life now becomes your highest priority as a believer and follower of Christ.

These works were planned before we were even born. Our destinies are in Fathers Heart. Find out how to find you Eternal plan and how to write it down and walk it out.

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God's Eternal Plan for your life

Guidelines to your personal strategic plan

This teaching will help you discover and write out your personal and family strategic plan. It provides you with basic guidelines to help you at least implement the essential elements of a personal strategic plan. This will also cover your calling in business, ministry and any other area.

A plan provides light and guidelines for us so we can walk with a specific purpose and mission in our lives. This is a target for which to aim. This is your destiny and is the single most important thing in your life, Gods perfect will for your life.

Romans 12:2 We need to be in Gods good, acceptable and perfect will.

His perfect will is the centre of the target. We now need to focus on doing His will.

The motive of our hearts

This is a major key as it drives us. Our motive is like our soul’s motor; which propels us forward to do something.

Our main motive should be to please Jesus. John 8:29

We will all stand before His judgement seat one day to give an account of our lives. Surely we should take the time to find His plan for our lives and implement it, so we can hear Him say; “well done good and faithful servant.”  We will be judged based on what God’s will was for our lives and how close we came to fulfilling it. The closer we come the greater our reward will be. 1 Corinthians 3: 8-17

Why we need a plan?

The saying goes; “If we don’t change our direction we are going to end up where we are headed”.

We as the body of Christ need to really seek the Lord for His specific plan and purpose for our lives. Once we have this we can change our direction and fulfil our God given call and destiny.

Those who know their destinies are raging fires

If you just scan the Bible and see those who really impacted their cities, nations and generations with God’s power, each one of them had a sense of destiny. They received this sense of destiny straight from the Father’s heart. They just knew they were born for something great. If you look at some of those who knew their calling and destinies who worked out their salvation and destinies with fear and trembling, you will see that those who finished the race strong were all filled with this sense of destiny.

They knew that they were destined by God to do something which He had planned for them even before they were born. Knowing this set them on fire. Set them on a course where they would even die in order to fulfil this destiny. Now as long as this fire is not put out by doubt then we will accomplish what were have been put sent here for. Nothing will be able to stop us if we follow the plan of our eternal destinies.

Moses was such a man that was driven by His sense of destiny that burned so deep inside of him, like the burning bush.

Abraham took tremendous steps of faith all because He heard God and walked in His ways. He left is homeland not knowing where He was going and even was prepared to sacrifice Isaac.

David is a wonderful example of destiny and greatness born out of the Heart of God. He knew Gods calling and destiny. He lived it 24/7. Man of integrity and worshipper. He conquered bears, lion’s giants and armies and most overall Gods own heart. What a destiny. Song of Songs 6:4-5

Josiah was an eight-year-old that was more alive and full of Gods purposes and fire than most thirty year olds today. Why was he a raging fire? Well, he read about Himself in the word of God.1 Kings 13:2.

This scripture which was prophesied over His life even before His was born detailing his destiny. His name was even mentioned and being an eight-year-old didn’t stop Him ruling and bring revival to Israel. He then fulfilled it many years later in 2 Kings 23:20.

He executed all the priests of the high places who were there, on the altars, and burned men’s bones on them; and he returned to Jerusalem.

The spirit of prophecy is what is releases the fire of desire.

See the rest of the notes in the document for download here

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