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Healing and Deliverance

by Father's Heart Admin

In this series, we have put together very powerful resources for healing. We will be adding more and more material as we are able.

If you want to learn a practical way to bring healing and deliverance to others then you should watch these videos.

We need to learn how to get healing and deliverance which is every child of God’s legal inheritance. 

Soul Winning 101

by Father's Heart Admin
soul winning

Soul Winning 101 In this series we have put together some of the best resources for soul winning. If you want to learn a practical way to win souls then you should watch these videos. Once you have won the soul for Christ they need to be Baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit […]

Prophetic Ministry 101

by Warren David Horak

If you want to grow in the prophetic and learn how to hear and see more clearly then this series will really help you. This is the introduction to our training series on Prophetic Ministry 101

Courtship Versus Dating

by Father's Heart Admin
Courtship versus Dating

Courtship Versus Dating. Dating prepares for divorce vs courtship prepares for marriage. Find out what Dating is setting you up for failure in your marriage

The Kingdom of God

by Father's Heart Admin

Discover the secrets of the Kingdom of God and how to walk in your inheritance.
This in depth study looks at: What is the Kingdom of God? How to enter into the Kingdom. How to abide in the Kingdom of God. The Beatitudes as the Kingdom constitution. The Commandments of Life in the Kingdom and more…

Discipleship Leaders Manual

by Warren David Horak

This module will give you a step by step guide on how to make disciples.
This is not just for those in “full time ministry, its is for every disciple of Jesus, as every believer, is called to be a disciple and make disciples.

Overcoming mammon

by Father's Heart Admin
Overcoming-mammon ebook

This study covers how to identify the spirit of mammon in your life. This principality wants to rob your God given destiny and God’s provision in your life. It not only operates in individuals lives, but in businesses,churches, and governments. This is the main Principality that is set in place as the opposition of God as our Provider.

Overcoming jezebel

by Father's Heart Admin
Overcoming jezebel throw her down

This study covers how to identify the spirit of Jezebel in a Church or organisation. This Principality not only destroys families and churches, but governments and nations. This principality is after your authority and inheritance. Are you operating in the anointing of Jehu, Elijah, Ahab or Jezebel?
This teaching will take you through a step by step by process of throwing Jezebel out of your home, family, ministry, Church or business.

The Cross – The Power of God

by Father's Heart Admin
The Cross the power of God

Paul said, He preached nothing but the cross. This is the missing message of the Church today. The Cross is the power of God unto salvation. Discover why this message is so important for your daily living.

Overcoming sin

by Father's Heart Admin
Overcoming sin

This is an in depth study of Romans 5-8. It tackles the issues of the flesh versus the spirit. Teaching the believer how to have victory over sin through faith in the finished work of the cross. If you want to overcome sin then this teaching will really help you to understand how it works and how to overcome it.

God’s Eternal Plan for your life with Template

by Father's Heart Admin
Gods Eternal Plan for you

This series helps us find Gods plan for our lives. Each one of us has a blue print in heaven as we follow the Lord this blue print for our lives is revealed. To find God’s eternal plan for your life now becomes your highest priority as a believer and follower of Christ.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer Training

by Father's Heart Admin

Spiritual Warfare Prayers and Strategies that will enable you to Win. To take ground and keep it! We need Gods Blue Print for the Battle ahead. So far, much of our spiritual warfare prayers have not really brought us any closer to truly breaking through.

Faith and Hope

by Father's Heart Admin

This series of teachings will take you from hope to faith to your inheritance. You will discover the distinct difference between Faith and Hope.

Having the Emotions and Senses of God

by Father's Heart Admin

This series of teachings was a ground breaking revelation for me and those that have heard it. The revelation will help you to understand your emotions and receive the emotions God intended you to have we He created you. You will learn how to open your emotional room to the Lord and receive your emotional healing.

Prayer 101

by Father's Heart Admin

This series will focus on the basics of prayer which is the most important part of our walk as a believer and disciple of Jesus.

Heart to Heart Partnership Chart

by Father's Heart Admin

A very powerful and practical teaching and tool to help you get healed from wounds and delivered from strongholds. Helping you to walk in covenant partnership with Jesus through each of your strongholds(mountains).

This gives you a clear and simple model through which you can work through your issues with Jesus. This includes family or bloodline curses etc.

Overcoming Pain

by Father's Heart Admin

This series deals with the pain that each person caries. If we don’t learn to deal with our pain then we will walk around as wounded people falling into various traps of satan. Jesus wants to heal your broken heart.


by Father's Heart Admin

This series starts with the revelation of heaven and hell. Real accounts of people who have been taken to hell by Jesus and one account of heaven. These messages form an excellent foundation of what we have been saved from; and where we are going.
The Six Foundations:
These are powerful teachings that will lay an excellent foundation for a new believer focusing on some of the six foundations for the Church in Hebrews 6:1-2.
1 – Repentance from dead works
2 – Faith towards God
3 – Baptism in water and the Holy Spirit
4 – Laying on of hands
5 – Resurrection of the dead
6 – Eternal judgement

Introduction to Discipleship

by Father's Heart Admin

Main Menu for School of Ministry with list teachings Total time: 8 hours By Warren David Horak This series of teachings focuses on introducing you to the discipleship process and programme offered by Father’s Heart International Ministries. You will learn step by step the process of becoming a disciple and being discipled. once you have gone […]

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