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The Strategic Prayer Brief

by Warren David Horak
Strategic Prayer-Brief

Find out how to set up a strategic prayer brief for a crisis and or your city. He wants us to overcome and praying and doing warfare the way we are used too will not work and give us victory that He promised.

We need to operate in strategic level warfare in order to win.

Preparing a City for His Revival Fire!

by Warren David Horak
Preparing a City for His Revival Fire

In this vision, the Lord goes into detail as to what happens when we go from personal surrender to corporate surrender which leads to revival in a city.
He is giving us keys and steps for Revival so that every believer who is hungry enough can receive and move in this end time move of God.

Shut the gates of hell over your city

by Father's Heart Admin
shut the gates of hell over your city

We can all easily see the devils wicked scheme for South Africa. The first thing is we must not to give voice or agreement to these demonic plans of destruction for our nation. We must take a stand now and shut these gates of hell. We have authority in Christ over this evil, it is time to stand as one and take our cities and towns for Jesus.

The Blood Soaked Eagles

by Warren David Horak
The Blood-soaked-eagles

The Lord has called eagles over cities regions and nations. He is calling them higher and see from His realm is so critical. We need to bring an accurate word at this time. We need to Blood soaked eagles for accurate words

Praying the Blood of Jesus over South Africa

by Warren David Horak
-blood-of-jesus-over-south africa

Placing the government “offices” of authority in the Blood of Jesus. This is one of the most powerful prayer strategies the Lord has given us for praying for our governments and nations. When we place the “offices” of Government in the Blood of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus cleanses the offices, which are the seats of power and positions of authority in our nation.

Prayer 101

by Father's Heart Admin

This series will focus on the basics of prayer which is the most important part of our walk as a believer and disciple of Jesus.

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