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The Baby of Revival

by Father's Heart Admin

What does the Baby of Revival look like? What does the New Wine Skin look like? Father has prepared a table for us of Complete Victory – find out what He has prepared.

Chronicles of Revival | Part 2 | Cape Town

by Warren David Horak

Part 2 – Watch this remarkable account of authentic revival in Cape Town and Western Cape. These amazing outpourings of glory started happening 30 years ago in Cape Town and the Western Cape in South Africa. Chronicles of Revival

Preparing a City for His Revival Fire!

by Warren David Horak
Preparing a City for His Revival Fire

In this vision, the Lord goes into detail as to what happens when we go from personal surrender to corporate surrender which leads to revival in a city.
He is giving us keys and steps for Revival so that every believer who is hungry enough can receive and move in this end time move of God.

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