Abba Father’s Song – Eyes on the Blood, Eyes on the Cross

Mirjam Horak
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I saw the Lord in front of me, and all I could do was focus on Him.

He said to me.

"hold hands with the blood"

As He stood in front me, suddenly ALL I could see was the blood of Jesus, and what He had done for me, and the price He paid, and His invitation was to come and hold hands with the blood.

So I reached out my hands and I could feel I am holding hands with the blood of Jesus, as real as holding somebody's hands.

As I held on and focused on Him, these thoughts start washing my mind:

We can hold hands with the hands that paid it all

I can hold hands with the hands that bled for me

I hold hands with the hands that were pierced for me

I hold hands with my Saviour.

I hold hands with Jesus.

What a privilege to know, what He has done for me

This is an invitation for all of us.

Look at His hands, His blood, what He did for you.

Pause and think about it

The price He paid for you. His love for you.

Because you were the joy set before Him when He endured the cross.

I continue to hold hands with Him, pondering the blood of Jesus, and I feel how we are moving. I move forwards as He moves backwards hold in my hands and He's leading me.

I see it goes downward into a valley and I follow because I trust Him, I trust the blood. And now I see it's not just myself, but He was leading many into this valley.

The Valley of Confrontation

He leads me deeper and deeper into the valley and I experience things leaving me as I follow. Because where His presence is, where His blood is, fear cannot be.

He is leading many into the depth of the valley, and I asked, what's there.

I continue to lean on Him and I see He's leading us individually Into a confrontation with what we fear the most.

For some of us the depth of the valley is the fear of not having enough.

For some of us it's the fear of civil war

For yet another it's the fear of being alone

But He leads us into this valley of confrontation where I could see the mouth of a bear.

Yet it did not matter, because all I could see was Him, all I could see was the blood.

If He leads me there, He is going to set me free and lead me THROUGH it.

Abba Father's Song

Fathers song

As I am talking with Jesus, I suddenly hear the singing of the Father.

In the depth of the valley the only way out is up.

He leads us into the depth of the valley into a confrontation with our fears, and then Jesus, our High Priest leads us to Father.

He leads me up, up and up.

I hear Abba's song becoming louder and louder as we climb up and out the valley.

"Eyes on the blood, keep your eyes on the blood"

"Eyes on the cross, keep your eyes on the cross"

Abba sings the song of His heart for each of us.

Drawing us with gentle cords, He draws us out of the valley into His heart because that's where he wants us, in His heart.

Understanding the blood, overcoming our fears, and entering into the heart of our Father.

Jesus leads us into the Heart of Abba. 

I kept hearing, Abba is on the other side. Yes He is with us, but He is also on the other side, calling us higher with His song, drawing us with gentle cords.

This is all I saw for a very long time. 

Africa, Sons come home

Then the picture changed and I saw the continent of Africa.

The Heart of Father is, sons come home, come home. Again He is saying sons come home.  

I see all these face of people, many, many, many fatherless, orphans in spirit, making it home into the heart of the Father.

From the bottom of the continent I see them walking up, up and up, walking into an encounter with Father, to an encounter with Father's unconditional love, walking into His heart.

Jesus the High Priest wants to lead us into an encounter with Fathers love so He can bring the sons home, so He can deliver Africa from the orphan spirit that rules over this continent that Jesus the High Priest wants to lead us into an encounter Abba Father and set us free and teach others how to be set free from an orphan spirit.

To be led into a place of understanding of the unconditional love of the Father.

His cry over Africa now is; 

"Sons come home, sons come home!"

I drew them with gentle cords,
With bands of love,
And I was to them as those who take the yoke from their neck.
I stooped and fed them. Hosea 11:4

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6

No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him. John 1:18

Father's Heart Admin

  • Lea Thomas says:

    Thank you for “Hold hands with the Blood. I am so aware of the fact that the old Lea sometimes are more alive than the new Lea. To love unconditionally is why I need to hold hands with the Blood. “Lord, God, I am taking hands with the Blood, to follow You. Help me to see everyone through Your eyes of Love. This I ask for Your Glory. Amen.

    • Hi Lea,

      You are most welcome. So glad that you are being blessed by these eternal truths.

      May the Lord bless you as you walk in the Blood Dimension



    • Hi Lea,

      You are most welcome.

      You have found the key … which is LOVE. His Blood makes the makes way into Love.

      God bless you and you continue your journey in Him.


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