Valleys have rivers, look for them

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The valley of the shadow of death!

The enemy has backed many families into the corner…in the valley. Seems as though they are powerless. Sickness, finances and education.

More and more out of the school system to raise and prepare them for their calling.

But God!

Children who go through the valley must be audibly reminded of their destiny and purpose on earth.

He told us years ago,

“Children will be anointed in the valley to come against the antichrist (anti anointing)”

The enemy is coming against the young ones!

Wisdom is found in the valley!

I am going to teach you to fight for your children.

It’s not of your own doing but working in cooperation with heaven will get them through the valley.

Nothing can separate you from My love… Romans 8

Psalm 23

Acts 20v24

We never fight alone… special angels like roaring lions.

In His love

Warren and Mirjam Horak

Father's Heart Admin