The Blood Soaked Eagles

I Am Calling My Eagles Higher

Mirjam Horak

I saw eagles that had come back from a flight over the country, landing at the cross.

They waited there at the cross, with their wings down – spread out.

I saw the blood slowly covering their wings. And as it covered their wings, I saw their wings change to an army like covering – camouflage.

I heard:

Last days army

I am calling my eagles higher

But the battle belongs to Me

Impartation from My Spirit

And I saw underneath their wings, under each of them, the Holy Spirit was twirling and twirling and making Himself manifest, and it lifted their wings off the ground, and their heads up again.

Elevation brings revelation

Revelation brings about transformation!

Then I saw and heard the voice of Father like a trumpet calling these eagles, but I saw these wings with the army camouflage were wings that could take them higher than the flight they had previously been on.

I saw these eagles fly above all other eagles, and the Lord reminded me; He said:

“Only by My blood”

I saw these eagles fly over the country and they had sight, they watched over the cities and over the churches, and I saw in many places where buildings were being built.

Some had the walls up, some only had the foundations, but each was a work in progress, and each building looked light, so full of light.

These are special forces eagles who are operating in stealth mode – invisible to the enemy through the blood as we fly in the sky, we will see the plan of satan and the plans of Jesus.

We are now able to release the Lords plans on earth, as life will conquer death.

These are going to make the diamond teams to fly over cities and the nation.

I see the Lord raising up an army of soldiers with strong, solid shields, so strong they can make a missile from the enemy bounce off, and return to its sender.

I can see him trying to shoot many missiles, and I can also see there have been many victims. But the Lord is raising up this army that will stand.

I can see on their faces the battle is severe, it is not easy, but this army knows the battle is the Lords, and all they have to do is stand.

Romans 4:19-22

And not being weak in faith, he did not consider his own body, already dead (since he was about a hundred years old), and the deadness of Sarah’s womb.

He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform. And therefore “it was accounted to him for righteousness.”

Comments by Warren:

I believe the visions given to Mirjam are not only applicable for eagles in South Africa but eagles across the world. Each eagle has their area of authority (metron) given to them by the Lord.

The Lord has called and appointed eagles over cities regions and nations and even continents. To those who ears let them hear what the Spirit is saying. He has given us more as we feel released we release the rest of the words for the blood soaked eagles.

The calling to go higher and see from His realm is so critical at this stage. We need to bring an accurate word at this time; accuracy is dependent on the height and clarity of where we are in the spirit.

We need to ascend higher, not through more sweat and effort by through surrender to the full work of the cross. It is only His righteousness that can set us free. There is not one work we can do that can make us righteous.

There are many evil words of what the devil plans to do, these are from the second heaven realm. These plans come in the form of second heaven dreams and visions, emails, Whats-app messages, Facebook messages, TV, Radio and family and friends. All this darkness is what the enemy uses to distract and blind the Lord’s eagles.

We need to operate from the third heaven realm – from His realm of heaven. Only then will we see what Jesus is doing in our cities and nations.

Unfortunately many eagles are flying too low and are spreading second heaven revelation and spreading the fear fulled plans of satan.

To fly with Jesus will cost us our lives; which is our own self-righteousness.

We need to fly higher and see what Jesus is doing, and then pray and prophecy these words over our areas.

He wants to show the eagles His plans and purposes for each city and nation, yet they cannot receive them if they are not prepared to humble themselves and soaked in the blood of Jesus.

Father has an Eternal plan for each city and nation across the globe. It us up to the eagles to get these plans and release them on earth. This will destroy the plans for our cities as satan has plan for each city and nation.

Accusations against the prophets

The only way through the attack of the enemy, is through soaking in His blood. The enemy’s main weapon at this time is accusation.

The only thing that will protect us from this accusation and counter accusation is the blood of Jesus and daily dying to self Rev 12:11

The enemy has targeted the prophets, to blind them through accusation, self-righteousness, condemnation and self-justification.

We need to run to His blood each time we fail and fall, or someone accuses us rejects us or even rejects a word that God has given to us for them. It is only His blood that will overcome the onslaught of accusation.

We must resist all forms of self condemnation, accusations or self justification as these will keep us on the ground under the attack of the devil

We will only get higher through the blood of Jesus.

Many in the prophetic ministry are feeling discouraged and weak right now as they are under great attack. The enemies plan is to keep the eagles blinded or grounded so they will not be able to release God’s plan and words over the nations. God is using this process to purify us.

As none of our own righteousness will save us. Only those who depend of His work at the cross will ascend and see what He wants them to see for their cities and for their nation.

We cannot depend on our prayers, our fastings and own works to get the job done, not even 24/7 prayer. Although these activities are very important we must never put our trust in them.

We must depend on Him alone – all else is a distraction and a deception.

Humility is the key as we learn to surrender at the foot of the cross and soak in His blood which is His life.

We need Him.


The Eagles Fly over South Africa 

I was again focusing on the blood and resting at the cross, waiting on the blood to cover my wings, when I again could see how the blood slowly covers the wings of these eagles. Blood soaked eagles.

I could see how the blood, and only the blood, would strengthen their wings to fly again.

Just like birds in the natural spend a great amount of time on their wings (they are water resistant) so too these wings of the eagles need to be soaked in the blood, so they are resistant against condemnation and the onslaught of the enemy.

I saw the tactics of the enemy is to weigh the eagles down with depression and condemnation, as this causes them to fly lower, the sheer heaviness of it.

The only way to get free from this heaviness is to receive the blood on their wings, as it is only by His blood that we can fly.

I also saw how Jesus, with His finger, puts the blood on the eyes of the eagles, and I heard Him say,

“This is so you can see what I am doing, and to keep your eyes on Me alone”

I saw when these eagles don’t have the blood on their eyes, it is like they don’t know where to look, where to focus.

The blood keeps you focused on Him alone.

Then I saw these eagles flying over the country as they are called to fly.

Above them I see Jesus, the big Eagle, flying over them, and I saw in His wings too, on the inside I could see from the bottom up, scarlet red, deep blood red, and His wings covered each and every eagle flying out there.

His blood covered and dripped on the eagles that were flying in camouflage. The blood that was dripping on them, rolled on and through their wings, onto the land they are flying over. I heard Him say:

“My blood cries out…”

I saw as the eagles wait at the cross, for the process of the blood to soak them, I saw a sword covered in blood and I heard,

“My word – My blood – My righteousness.

So you can fly”

Setting the Eagles Free

I saw with this sword He went over and across the wings of the eagles. With that I saw Him cutting loose what looked like “elastic” chains, which would pull these eagles down again as soon as they had reached a certain height,

He cut them loose with the blood and the sword. This was the final touch, after receiving the blood in and trough and over their wings. It’s the blood that softened the chains so they could easily be broken.

And as they were cut loose, they started to lift off, they started to rise up, up, up so high, and it looked like they were lifting off the way a helicopter does, vertically. And as they took off, the blood on their wings would allow them to go through many layers of resistance.

They found the freedom, of no longer being bound to these elastic chains, liberating and encouraging to go higher and higher.

They flew right through the layers of resistance, far above the country, and I could hear their cries.

The cry of the eagle resounds over South Africa tonight, and in the coming time this cry will be heard.

Will we hear the sound of the eagle, the EAGLE, crying?

Will we hear His voice, crying out, calling us higher, to a place where we will soar with Him?

I saw they soar there, way above the country, underneath the wings of the Eagle Himself. And I saw the Lord calling up many, many eagles, higher and higher.

One by one they started to crowd the air above the country; with their blood soaked wings spread it looked like a blanket of the blood of Jesus covering the country. I saw it coming down on the country like a blood blanket, a banner covering the land, covering the people.

He wants to heal the eagles with broken wings with His blood – He wants to use them, and flow through them like a broken vessel. It is not for nothing that their wings were broken, it was for a purpose.

I saw the blood had soaked their scars, and had healed all the wounds in the wings. But these wounds were shining like I saw before, with Gods glory, as He could pour through their wings onto the land.


Dream by Warren D Horak

In my dream someone was asking,

What opens you up?

No one really understood him, and then he asked someone in the crowd, what else can I say?

He said “what makes you cry?”

I immediately thought of the blood of Jesus.

I knew there were other things but could not think of them at that time. Then I focused on the blood of Jesus.

Then we saw a massive kaleidoscope with all these patterns and colours.


We see the blood of Jesus is multifaceted and has many aspects in order to set us free and save us. We need the full revelation of the blood as only the blood will open us up to His heart.

The Blood of Jesus is so powerful that it can bring us to repentance, through true godly sorrow. When this godly sorrow manifests in our lives, then we will be able to release repentance over our nation.

There are two things that hinder us from coming closer – our conscience and our flesh. The conscience battles with guilt and shame based on unconfessed sin – the flesh/ carnal mind battles through temptations and false beliefs as we are moving closer to the Lord.

As we go closer we have to go through these veils – pride, anger, fear etc. These veils have to be overcome as we go deeper.

So we are only able to enter into a deeper relationship with Father as we by the Holy Spirit through the flesh and blood of Jesus enter in.

This is progressive as we go deeper. The place we start is the known sin, then the Holy Spirit with His love will show us the hidden or unknown sin, then we will get to the veils worry, fear, accusations etc.

These all stand in our way between us and the Lord.

As we turn to the Lord He removes the veils so we can behold Him with an unveiled face. this unveiling is key to a transformation as it is only by beholding His glory that we are changed from glory to glory See 2 Corinthians 3:17-18


Mirjam Horak

I saw above the continent of Africa.

I saw the dry, dry cracks on the land, and I saw many, many faces lifting their heads to heaven, thirsty for rain.

The Lord said to me,

“Do you see Africa?

Africa is thirsty

I am sending you into a walk of obedience, divine obedience to follow My voice, My will

I am sending you into the dry area, the thirsty land, I am sending you into the places no-one would go, but the land is thirsty!

When Africa turns their heads to Me…”

When He had said that, I saw a giant eagle flying over Africa, and the eagle had a golden beak. And I saw the Eagle proclaim over Africa, flying and soaring, saying

“Africa, turn your heads to Me – Africa, turn your heads to Me”

And I saw when Africa turns their heads to above; He will pour His glory into the broken land of Africa, into the dry ground, the cracks in the foundations of Africa.

But He could only release this glory as their heads were turned up and looked toward heaven.

Warren David Horak

A disciple of Jesus | A son of God | Serial Entrepreneur | Business Mentor | Finding your Purpose Unlocking Your Destiny in Him | Kingdom Business Cooperation

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