Buying Time With God

By Mirjam Horak

I saw a huge flower, and I saw myself jumping from petal to petal. I suddenly saw the flower was me.

On the petals was writing, and I knew it to be the words over my life.

He picks the flower and inhaled the fragrance, and in doing so, He breathes me in.

After He breathed me in, He breathed me out. And as He does, I see myself flying out of His mouth.

A season to see instant growth to all your seeds

The vision changes, and next thing I see my feet on the ground, underneath my feet the ground was cracked and dry. As I walked, the Lord said to me

“the season is about to change from a dry land into a well-watered garden.”

As He said it, the water came up from the ground and the ground was suddenly soggy and swamp-like, moist and no longer cracked and dry.

The Lord said to me,

“always follow the path of the river”

followed by:

“do you know everything you sow in this soil will immediately bear fruit and multiply?”

So I asked Him what does He want me to sow?

He said,

“look what is in your hand”

So I looked and in my right hand is a flaming torch.

He said,

“plant it!”

So I planted it, and it multiplies immediately and abundantly.

I was pulling out these pearls from inside of me, and planting them too.

The second I planted them, they too multiplied into hundreds of pearls.

When I had planted the torch on my left-hand side, light illuminated on the bank’s of the river I was walking in, and it showed me where to go.

The fire gave me direction. So I followed the path of the river.

Buying Time

The next moment I look to my right-hand side. I see a cog, and it is big and turning.

As it is turning I see each part of the cog is a door, and I am walking through these doors one by one. The doors are multi-colour and beautiful.

I walk through the doors,  and suddenly I am viewing the cog from the top.

When viewing from the top I can see that it is part of what the Lord said,

“My kingdom established in South Africa!”

I see these gold cogs all over the nation’s, and with these bits and pieces He is establishing His kingdom in the nation, they are each part of the greater work that He wants to accomplish.

He is putting the pieces together, what I initially saw is just one little cog.

I see a meteor shooting past me, hits the ground, and becomes a part of what I could now see was a timepiece that He was busy making over the nation.

The meteorites became a part of the kingdom of heaven in South Africa. He is putting it together.

Looking at the timepiece I now saw how intercessors were busy with the hands of the timepiece. I heard these words.

“come spend a little time, to buy a little time”

He wants us to buy back, redeeming the time. I saw and the clock went backwards.

The more we spend time with Him, the more we buy time for this nation.

Then I see these eagles flying into the heart of Abba Father, and they are taking these pockets of honey in their beaks, and as they take it, they fly with it and they drop the pockets of honey in the mouths of the intercessor.

They are the ones receiving it very gladly. It is revelation from the heart of the Father, it’s what the intercessors need in order to buy back some time.

We need a little time, we need more time!

The vision changed and I saw the mouth of the Lord breathing over this nation.

As He breathed out especially over Cape Town I saw these whirlwinds coming out of His mouth and it caused chaos and a stir.

He wants to disrupt with the spirit of God whatever is NOT of the spirit of God.

He wants to bring change.

Eagles with Strong Wings

Lastly, I saw these eagles and I saw how strong their wings were. I said Lord, their wings are so strong!

I could see the bone structure of the wings and it was like branches so strong.

The Lord then said to me,




I saw these words were written on the wings, and He said to me,

“this is what strengthens your wings, consistent T P W

and I saw how my wingspan expanded because of consistent TPW – (Thanksgiving Praise and Worship)

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