Corporate Breakthrough – All For One and One For All – Webinar #34

Corporate Breakthrough – All For One and One For All

Many in the Body of Christ are standing on promises that they received years and even decades ago.

The question is; why has it taking so long?

One of the main reasons it has taken us so long to finally see what Father has promised us, is the promise of “Corporate Breakthrough”

For years the Lord has spoken to us about the coming move being a “corporate” move. This corporate move will be very unlike the moves we have seen in the past where it is one man or woman of God or one church that receive a major anointing to breakthrough.

We will see the Corporate Body move as one like we have never seen before. The power and the glory which shall arise and be seen by all is going to be far greater and totally eclipse the previous moves we have witnessed and heard about.

He has shown Mirjam a detailed blue print for the coming revival nearly seven years ago. We are still waiting to see these promises fulfilled.

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The reason this breakthrough is taking so long is because it takes so much longer for groups of His people to become well unified, well oiled teams, who are walk in His love and power.

This is true in business, in sports and in the church.

The power of the team is always greater than the power of one star performer. But, to walk as a team is far more challenging than walking as an individual star performer.

Whether we like it or not we are in this together. In the army you do not choose who is in your platoon. So to in the Lords army – we are family and soldiers we don’t choose family or where we are in the army of God.

Why all the fire and tests?

You might be asking, why all these trials and tests? When will this all stop?
Or saying, “I need a break.”

The main reason for these tests is that the Lord is refining us until we are ready for His glory and power. However long it takes, He is very patient.

Before we can walk in His manifested glory, He is looking for something for the corporate Christ.

He is looking for faith, humility, love, unity, joy, TPW (Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship)…. These are some of the key aspects that He wants to see.

The Corporate Body is the new wine skin that He is preparing for the new wine…

Let us not give up now… we are so much closer and can cross over very soon and take the land if we will allow Him to have His way.

Waiting for the very last one to get through

The word Mirjam got is very important as the Lord waited for the last person to through before He told Moses to close the read see very the enemies army. So now we are waiting until the last ones get through.

We are in this together…

His ways are far higher and greater than our ways…. Let us trust Him to take us through into the Promised Land.

Psalm 91 in a whole new light

Gazing at His face small

Psalm 91:16 With long life I will satisfy him, And show him My salvation.

Summary of Psalm 91:

“If you abide in My secret place. I will cause you to gaze at the face of Jesus as He gazes at your face. And as You look at Me I will manifest my salvation in each area of your life.”

I will cause you to gaze at my face as I gaze at yours.

Over to you, have you been experiencing breakthrough?

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