God’s Answer To Xenophobia In South Africa

Once again we are confronted with horrific news and images of xenophobia all across our wonderful nation. We see people been killed and assaulted all because they are foreign nationals.

How tragic and how very sad this is.

South Africa is called to lead Africa in love and humility, as this is our destiny as a nation.

The enemy wants to steal our destiny and our inheritance as a nation. As Sons and Daughters of God we are called to bring forth His Kingdom on earth through His power, truth and love.

We have been praying over this and yet again the Lord has shown us the South Africa and her destiny are in His hands. He is waiting for the Body of Christ the sleeping giant to arise to seek for God’s Answer to xenophobia.

The Lord gave Mirjam word in 2008 and again in 2015 concerning theses attacks. It is clear what He wants us to do.

“In the midst of calamity, I will do a new thing”

A Vision by Mirjam Horak

In the middle of the night 20 May 2008 I woke up with the audible words

“In the midst of calamity, I will do a new thing”

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It awakened a deep fear of the Lord in me, and I never went back to sleep. As I was praying it through He showed me the following:

Saw a hand, like that of a human, rise up from the city in an area of Johannesburg – know I my spirit it was JHB – and I can see this massive human hand rise from the city .

Looking at it from the top, like looking at a map – I see the hand of God grab the hand that is rising up, and while He is doing that I hear

“I reach out and dwell with the broken”

He raises the City Church up

As He pulls this hand up higher, I see a massive body arise from the city, from the dust. It was just lying there; all it stretched out was its hand.

While I’m looking at it, I hear in my spirit,

“This is the body of Christ, now is the time to arise”

Now I see this massive body arise and stand up like a giant that’s been sleeping and is now waking up. Can see this is (part) of the bride of Christ. She is arising and has both hands up reaching for heaven. I see that as the church in this area wakes up, it is like the body arising from a sleep and a slumber, and slowly starting to STAND.

The Lord gave me the following scriptures as I was praying over this vision and these words:

Psalm 132: 3-5, 8-9, 13-18

3 “Surely I will not go into the chamber of my house,
Or go up to the comfort of my bed;
4 I will not give sleep to my eyes
Or slumber to my eyelids,
5 Until I find a place for the LORD,
A dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob.”

8 Arise, O LORD, to Your resting place,
You and the ark of Your strength.
9 Let Your priests be clothed with righteousness,
And let Your saints shout for joy.

13 For the LORD has chosen Zion;
He has desired it for His dwelling place:

14 “This is My resting place forever;
Here I will dwell, for I have desired it.
15 I will abundantly bless her provision;
I will satisfy her poor with bread.
16 I will also clothe her priests with salvation,
And her saints shall shout aloud for joy.
17 There I will make the horn of David grow;
I will prepare a lamp for My Anointed.
18 His enemies I will clothe with shame,
But upon Himself His crown shall flourish.”

Luke 21:36
Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

Then I heard again:

“Arise and stand to your feet. Alert My watchmen to watch on the walls of the city. The attack of the enemy will be seen in the far distance. I will show you and I will show you a better way”

Awake awake awake!!! Position yourself in the place I have shown you!”

After hearing those words, I saw “miniature” whirlwinds all throughout the area, circling around the body that at that stage is still lying down.

See that as the body focuses on the blood of Jesus, they are transporting the blood of Jesus into the city. It looks like veins that are open and pumping out the life blood of Jesus, donating it to those who need it in the city.

See these whirlwinds circle and circle around the body, in the city and in the area. They are so minor yet they release a great amount of fear. They are especially “designed” to release fear. See the fear is trying to grab hold of the people. We must come against the fear that is being released!

It now is a small thing as the tornados were small, even miniature compared to the size of the body, but the warning is that once the tornados join, it becomes a massive storm that will be more difficult to stop. We must stand in faith against this demonic release of fear.

Even though the tornados are small, they are moving and there are many of them. The body isn’t! it is just lying there, sleeping, slumbering.

While praying the next day the Lord showed me a cog, its like one of those parts you see inside a clock. I can see it is slowly turning and turning, but not very fast.

Asking the Lord what this means, I see many people lined up on the borders of this country, and they are praying for this country. I see this makes the cog spin faster and faster. The more people pray, and the more intense their prayers are, the more this wheel turns – it looks like it is activating things.

The church needs to be driven by the power of the Spirit, not by works of the flesh.

Close the gaps in the walls

These are people standing on the walls of South Africa to pray, they are the intercessors who are called to stand on the wall.

But I see there are gaps, there are people lined up, and then there is a gap. Then again see a group of people lined up, and another gap. This goes on all around the borders of the country. Close the gaps on the walls of the country, arise and stand on the wall!

Resurrection comes to the dead; revival comes to the half dead. We need both.


It’s time to fly higher and see what He is doing

by Warren David Horak

Do not focus on the enemies picture

As we are all aware right now South Africa is in a very serious time testing and trial. As our nation is facing various crisis on every side. From the local pressure of crime, xenophobia, poverty, governmental power struggles, to the international pressure of the global economic shakings etc.

This is the picture the enemy is painting and wants to fill our minds and hearts with his plans of destruction for our nation. In the current xenophobic crises, we can see is the enemy trying to distract the church from its purpose. We need to stay focused like never before on what the Lord is saying and doing.

Gods picture

Jesus did nothing unless He saw the father do it first, Jesus walked in the Spirit of Prophecy which was His testimony. We as Church of Jesus Christ, need to walk in the Spirit of prophecy as He did and then we will have the testimony of Jesus.

“Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner. John 5:19.

When we do this as a Church in the city; we are lifting Him up and making Him the head of the church. As He is lifted up; then He will draw all people to Himself. (see John12:32)

This is the revival we are all waiting for.

What does this mean for us a Church?

It is quite simple; we need to hear and see what Jesus is saying over our churches, cities and nation. We must not eat the poison of the media and the word that jezebel is feeding Gods people. The poison of fear that is sweeping South Africa and removing many key people from the battle ground, this one of the weapons of jezebel.

We need to come out from this false covering of jezebel and come under the true covering of the Lord. The true covering of the Lord is where the Church makes Him Lord of all, and arises and hears His voice and follows Jesus into victory in South Africa. This is His plan!!!

How do we see Gods picture?

We need to have a heart that is hungry for His voice. Are we willing to surrender our lives, families, churches, ministries, cities and nation into His hands? If we are; then we will seek Him for what He is saying. His voice is our victory!!!

Leaders to lead; watching and praying over South Africa

We as leaders cannot leave the praying to the intercessors. God has said, that His House will be called a house of prayer for all nations. Before the battle is over, the church in South Africa will be a house of prayer for all nations.

Where is the house of prayer? Each church needs to be converted into a house of prayer. Which means all the members in the church have a quality prayer life, and a vital connection to Jesus. Hearing and seeing what He is doing and walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

The prayer life of the local church all starts with each members personal relationship with Jesus, each day. This relationship will grow to a place where the church will pray corporately and then we will see things happen. We all need an hour of power or much more each day as we encounter the God of all power. As we have this encounter we are changed from glory to glory.

If we can’t hear God on a personal level then how will we hear Him on a corporate level?

What is the level of prayer in the average church in South Africa?

What ever it is, it is very low. We need to teach people how to connect with God each day. If people cant see God changing them then how will they see God changing the nation?

Hearing God corporately

There is quite a lot of praying going on, yet there is very little watching. We need to learn how to watch first, and then we can pray. We cannot just pray without first seeing what Jesus is doing and saying once we hear and see from Him then we can pray with power and affect.

I would suggest each church gather and start to watch and pray over South Africa. The question we need to put to Jesus is simple. What is Jesus doing in the Church in South Africa? What is Jesus doing in South Africa?

Make a journal of all the words and visions; summarize these and send out prayer briefs to the intercessors and congregation – Habakkuk 2:2-3. We must make sure we start to obey the words and visions He gives to us individually and corporately. They can now all believe the words, agree and pray it through and proclaim the words – 1 Timothy 1:18-19. Allow for feedback and give feedback to those who are praying. If you need more info on this please let me know.

A clear vision from God will unite the church in South AFRICA

God is doing one thing He is not confused; we will see as the Church starts to hear one clear vision from the throne of God, the corporate Christ under the leadership of Jesus; arise and break the strongholds over the cities and the nation. The answer for South Africa is not in the governments’ hands; but in the Churches. We need to get into position; our position before His throne of grace. Watching and seeing what Jesus is doing then praying it and doing it.

A New level for the watchmen in South Africa

I believe the Lord wants the intercessors to come to a whole new level in South Africa. To do that, we need to stop praying mainly reactive prayers and start praying prophetic prayers. The reactive prayers are only prayed once satan has done something, prophetic prayers are prayed based on what the Lord is showing us that He is doing and going to do in the future. The question remains for all the watchmen is; what is Jesus doing and saying in every given area in South Africa and the church.

Second heaven revelation is knowledge based on what see the devil and demons are doing or want to do. Basically, it is the plan of the enemy. Too much revelation that is fed back to pastors and leaders from intercessors is from the second heaven realm. This causes division between the leaders and the intercessors.

Third heaven revelation is where we see what God is doing and His angelic forces. This revelation brings hope and shows us the solution to the problems we are facing. We need to press past what the enemy is doing and see what the Lord is doing.

So when you as an intercessor see some demonic activity or plan against the leadership, church, or nation, you now need to fly higher and press in and ask the Lord for His view of the situation.

Say to the Lord, “I see what the devil is doing, now please show me what You are doing in this situation.” When you lift your faith to this level you will not only be coming to leadership with a warning, but with Gods solution to the problem that you are seeing, this will also open the door to leadership like never before and bring unity between leaders and intercessors.

A word to the leaders and pastors; as leaders we should be training our people to fly higher and see clearly what the Lord is saying in our prayer teams in the church. Every church needs a prayer team, lead by the leader of the church.

When the watchmen, see what Jesus is doing, then they can arise and start to pray and proclaim the anointed prophetic words over the situation. God now releases His power and angels to perform these words.

Arise out of the second heaven to the third heaven.

The intercessors need to fly higher, Jesus has overcome the enemy; He is always victorious. Let us ask to Father to help us fly higher to see what Jesus is doing and saying to South Africa. We need to be a truly prophetic church.


Father please anoint me as a watchmen to see what Jesus is doing, help me to fly and soar as an eagle in heavenly places.

Pray and proclaim Gods prophetic word over South Africa.

I want to encourage leaders and intercessors to work together. Once we can agree that the word is from the Lord for South, then we need to take the word and wage war with it as never before and proclaim it. 1Timothy 1:18-19. We need to release the power of the prophetic word and vision over the church in South Africa.

What is He doing right now in South Africa?

I believe the Lord is allowing the shakings that are going on to wake the Body of Christ up from their sleep. Unfortunately it is human nature only to seek God when there is a major crisis looming like in 1994 when the church woke up to pray to avert a blood bath in South Africa then she slowly went back to sleep, now we are in crisis again in 2015.

Last time when the Lord provided breakthrough in the nation, the government took the glory for the peaceful transition, this time only God will get the glory; for His peace that shall rule in South Africa.

The false foundations and false belief system in the church will all shake and fall, only the true foundation will stand in the new move of God.

He is raising up the city church to be His dwelling place.

He is setting the church free from the spirit of jezebel.

There is much more the Lord wants to say over South Africa and is saying, let us hear and see what He is saying and doing in South Africa.

Key areas of prayer based on the above vision and word:

  1. Pray that the true prophetic voice and vision for South Africa and the church in South Africa will be released. Revelation 22:18
  2. Release Arrows of Light and Blood see here
  3. For Father to raise the watchmen in South Africa into the third heaven realm.
  4. That the fire of His presence will come and set us free as a Body.
  5. For pastors and intercessors to work in prophetic prayer teams. That the Lord would heal the wound between leaders and intercessors.
  6. For the gaps in the walls around South Africa to be closed as Father raises up intercessors in every church in South Africa and gives them His vision for South Africa and the Church.
  7. For unity of purpose and focus over all the watchmen in South Africa.
  8. For the Body of Christ to call out like never before on the Lord to save them.
  9. For the general level of prayer to rise in the Body of Christ from intimacy to intercession.
  10. For the Church to repent for having false foundations i.e. false beliefs in our hearts. That Father would pour out the blood of His son into the foundations of the heart of the church.
  11. For Father to set the church free from false covering of the spirit of jezebel and replace this covering with the true covering of His love – A cloud by day and afire by night over every congregation in South Africa – Isaiah 4:4-5
  12. For the leaders to acknowledge Jesus as the head of the local church, and to watch and pray and seek His will for the local church.
  13. For the leaders to awaken to Gods plan of the City Church with Jesus as the head.
    We need to bind and resist fear over our lives, families, churches and cities everyday. We have authority to do this in Jesus name. James 4:7;1 John 4:18


Over to you, what is the Lord showing you concerning His plans for your nation?

Father's Heart Admin