All the words for the Day of Worship and Edenvale

We all had a wonderful time in the Lord’s presence. It was so encouraging to see the different churches coming together to worship Him as One Body.

During this time the Lord released some powerful prophetic words for Edenvale and the Artists in particular. God is releasing prophetic art from His heart.

Below are some of the key words He gave us.

The Tsunami of Blood Coming to Edenvale

By Giel Vermeulen

I see a superficial beach town. This is Edenvale.

There is a lot of stuff, but it is very very shallow. I see the Lord raising up a tsunami of His blood. This tsunami comes against this superficial town and just washes away superficiality from the town.

Removes all the muck and plastic etc. There is destruction, but those who receive the blood, stand. But remains behind them it is real I see plants and life.

I see real stuff, the rest is just been swept away.

Something of substance is remaining.

The other word on the river of Blood in the above recording was released by Eddie Jeans

The Tree of Life Set on a Hill

By Lafras Lombard

I saw a big tree that stood in a river. This tree had huge roots. while this rive was flowing the tree was starting to grow and grow the leaves became greener and the fruit became bigger and bigger. It was set on a hill. It was surrounded by dry trees that were looking at this tree.

The closer these dead trees got to the big tree the more life they got. The more they also came into the river they also became bigger.


John 15 “I am the vine and you are the branches” That tree is the corporate Body of Christ in the city of Edenvale. Those how are in unity will place their roots in the rive of life. The river of life is the continuous revelation of Jesus Christ by the power of Holy Spirit.

Prophetic Art – A Word for the Artists

These words were given by Neil Vorster, Giel Vermeulen, Cobus Van Wyk, Juliana Van Wyk, Yolnai Peters, Warren David Horak. The art in this video is by Cobus Van Wyk.

Jesus Visits

By Neil Vorster

I dreamt that Jesus came into the room I was in. Initially I didn’t recognise him…he looked very ordinary….but there was something very special about his  whole countenance.

It slowly, slowly dawned on me that this was Jesus… Then He started explaining something to me on a drawing/painting. His drawing wasn’t very clear and I suggested that we get an artist to do it for him. He liked that idea and I called Jo to come and help.

I didn’t tell her this was Jesus sitting on the bench. But she recognised his presence as she got close to him and then knelt in front of him, looking into his eyes …then she saw the terrible scarring on  his knees ..and then she knew. He stared deeply and intensely into her eyes.

I just sat to one side observing …and wept ,completely overcome with Joy. Then we were all going to the next place and a man with red hair asked me if he could provide accommodation for Jesus. I said I was pretty sure I could arrange it and went over to Jesus to ask him as we prepared to move on.


Jesus needs the artists to communicate the Kingdom of God to the world. But first He wants to have a have to face encounter with each artist.

Ships-of-Tarshish Discipleships

 The Ships of Tarshish are Coming

This is the word Neil got concerning the painting above of the Ships of Tarshish

I am coming…

Look behind me….

I have given my life for all for these.

I have fought for them to the point of losing my life.

I shed my blood for these.

These are my mighty warriors.

I have prepared a way for them.

Will you feed them ?

Will you look after them?

They are my mighty warriors.

I have brought them from the gutters,

From the prisons,

From the fields,

From the streets.

My mighty warriors…

Wash them,

Dress them,

Train them for battle.

My mighty warriors

My mighty warriors!

I wield my sword before them

My mighty warriors


The Key is Loving Jesus

Jesus cleans the main street with His blood


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All the words for the Day of Worship and Edenvale