It’s Time for The Prophets Of The River

It’s Time for The Prophets Of The River

Mirjam Horak

Saw canyons where there were prophets within the caves. They have been hidden and there are many of them.

I saw the Lord beckoning them to come forth and speak and release.

The Lord said,

“It’s time for the prophets of the river. It is time for the prophets who have learnt how to drink from the river.”

Prophets-of-the-River hidden in caves

Those that have grace to tap in and drink. In order to release the clear word of the Lord they need to drink from the river.

The Lord is addressing the confusion with the prophetic words going on through the Body of Christ. Where there are words that are clashing and not lining up.

There is not one clear prophetic voice in South Africa speaking the same direction.

We need understanding and need to know how to respond.

He said,
“You know these ones are the representatives of My voice in your nation, because My words have cut them like a sword, as much as their words will cut like a sword.

Listen to the recording for the rest of the word.


There are many conflicting words coming from all over. We need to know what the Lord is really saying to our nation.

The Lord is going to call forth and release these hidden nameless faceless ones to release One voice from heaven to South Africa and the Church.

May Father grant us humility, wisdom and love as His sons.

Please forward this word to those you know who are part of the Prophets of the River who have been hiding in the caves.

In His love

Warren and Mirjam Horak

Father's Heart Admin

  • Hendrik Vorster says:

    I know that I have been hidden for many years! The Presence of God was all over me when I heard this prophetic Word!

    I have been shown vision of a heart of a man with a stream of FIRE came out of the heart! This heart was the Southern point of the continent of Africa – Southern Africa!

    When I saw this on this website I was immediately deeply touched by the vision of the heart with a stream of FIRE coming out of it!

    • Father's Heart Admin says:

      Hi Hendrik,

      Thank for sharing your heart with us.

      Our Father is amazing how He connects all the dots.

      God bless you brother

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