I Am Renewing My Covenant with Zimbabwe, with the People and with the Land

15 Nov 2017

Warren and Mirjam Horak, Neil Vorster

The Mountain of Government Toppled in Zimbabwe by the Blood of Jesus

As we prayed this morning and surrendered Zimbabwe into the Blood of Jesus. Neil had a vision,

He saw a tall jagged mountain sinking down into of the blood of Jesus.

It sunk down until just the peaks were sticking out.

After Neil shared the vision, we prayed and asked Father for mountain moving faith. We prayed again over the seats of government in Zimbabwe and putting them into the blood of Jesus.

There was a battle on the peaks and the mountain sunk further into the blood, but there was a strain.

Then I felt we need to cast the mountain of government into the sea of the blood of Jesus, with the faith of Jesus!

As we spoke to the mountain of government in Zimbabwe Neil saw the mountain peaks on their side as they had all been toppled over.

Renewing His Covenant with Zimbabwe

Vision by Mirjam

While Neil was describing the top of the mountain not quite in the blood yet. I saw the skies over it.

I looked at the sky and I could see a change of scenery, there is going to come a time now where the dust needs to settle like in a sand storm looking sky.

As the dust was settling I saw the beginning of a rainbow over the land.

I really believe the Lord is saying that,

He is renewing His covenant with Zimbabwe

He is renewing His covenant with the people

He is renewing His covenant with the land

The sky is going to change, it looked very dusty, very dark and grim now. But it will settle and there will be blue skies.

And there will be covenant with the land!

His Promises over Zimbabwe, He is faithful to those and He will do what He has said!

Renewing my covenant with Zimbabwe


This was an amazing time of prayer as Zimbabwe was such a serious struggle this week especially last night and this morning.

What we have we have witnessed is the power of the Blood Jesus over Zimbabwe that has removed the wicked foundation of the mountain of government. There are many believers now praying His Blood of Zimbabwe.

We need to learn from this and continue to place Zimbabwe government into the Blood Jesus each and every day. As the Blood breaks the power of the strongholds that are in place through the witchcraft.

His Blood is stronger than all the witchcraft in Africa.

I believe that South Africa and other African nations need to take note and apply the Blood of the Lamb over the “seats” of our governments each day. Soon we will see wicked toppled and righteousness established all over Africa.

The Battle for Africa will be one by faith in the Blood of the Lamb!

Talking negatively about our governments will only empower the enemy, and strengthen the witchcraft.

We need enter the Blood Dimension and learn to apply the blood of Jesus and cast the mountain of government into the sea of His Blood.

Late today we saw a few news articles referring to the “toppling” of the government in Zimbabwe. This is what Neil saw in his vision of the mountains.

The Lord is well able and His Blood will topple all governments that stand against His will and purpose in Africa.

His Army of Blood will arise no longer will we be oppressed by the witchcraft in this continent.

We give Jesus the glory, praise and the honour for what He is doing in Zimbabwe.

Now is time to back what the enemy has stolen!

As He said,

Let My People Go!

Prayer of Blood for Zimbabwe

Here is prayer that Father gave me to pray over the USA and South Africa.

We need to pray this prayer daily over Zimbabwe to see a peaceful restoration of this wonderful nation.

PLEASE share this with those in Zimbabwe and all friends of Zimbabwe.

We love you Zimbabwe!

From South Africa

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