The 31st of October is not “halloween”; it is The Global Day of TPW

By Warren David Horak

Global Day of TPW

Which of the 365 days of the year did the Lord not create?

How come we allow the enemy to claim certain days of the year.

Surely every day was made by Him?

How come we allow the enemy to name days for his own purposes?

Just because the enemy has attached his works to certain days does not mean that they belong to him.

The devil is a thief and liar.

Lets us take every day back.

We cannot allow the enemy any day of the year. Find out why Christians should not celebrate halloween. If we agree with the enemy that the 31 of October is halloween, then we are giving him authority.

Its time to seize the day!

This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

We cannot say it doesn’t belong to the devil and do nothing about it.

We should come in the opposite spirit and bring God glory on the 31 October, the Global Day of #TPW – Thanksgiving – Praise – Worship

What actions do we need to do on the 31 October?

  • Start with personal repentance, receive His blood directly from Jesus your High Priest.
  • Now identificational repentance like Daniel and Nehemiah did in Daniel 9 and Nehemiah 9. We should repent for the witchcraft, bloodshed, sacrifices and fear that is being released over our communities and nations by enemies army.
  • Now break and condemn every curse and lie of the enemy released against you and your family and community and nation. According to Isaiah 54:17; Matthew 18:18
  • Now loose the Kingdom God – His righteousness, peace and joy and Holy Spirit in your family, community and nation. Life and death are in our mouths, lets us declare and decree LIFE.
  • Now that we have the blood of Jesus speaking for us. We are ready to enter His gates with Thanksgiving and His courts with Praise and Worship. #TPW – Give Him all the glory.
  • Join others in taking back all 365 days in TPW at Global Days of Worship Facebook Page and Website

Let us determine that every 31 October is a day to glorify Father, Son and Holy Spirit on earth.