Prophetic Word for South Africa – Sadhu Sundar Selverage

Prophetic Word For South Africa – Sadhur Sundar Selverage

The following video is the combined key prophetic words given to South Africa at the National Prophetic Conference from 5 – 8 December 2018.

A summary of the main prophetic message to South Africa by Brother Sadhu

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Some of the transcripts from the above prophecy video

South Africa your time to be remembered by God has come!

People here (South Africa) are praying for revival in their nation in their churches and personal lives.

The Father loves this nation.

He has not forgotten the sacrficial labours of the pioneer missionaries in this nation. Missionaries that were sent to South Africa.

Because of their labours and tearful intercessions that were praying for hundreds of years. Now the cup is full. The promise that He made to your for fathers. He is going to fullfill that promise by pouring out His glory over this nation.

He is going to manifest His glory in their midst.

However, they, the remnant must be united in unity in the bond of love as the early Church. Because what happened then is going to be repeated again. With greater glory. The foundation is there. We must get back to our foundation.

The Church is built on the foundation of the prophets and apostles this is the foundation of the early Church.

I leave the word of God with you, what will you do from this moment onwards.


To see revival there must be unity.

1. Unity among ourselves
2. Unity between us and the Lord, united in oneness with the Lord. Yoked with the Lord.

Acts 4:13

The Meeting place – in the same place. Open heavens there. Set apart a place. House of David. Open fountains from there.

Come out of Babylon is the cry… churches have become babylon.

The significance of the Hebrew year of 5997, the Lord told Sadhu the Kingdom of God is coming within you and visibly in our midst.

Jesus clearly told me,

“tell the South Africans if you want revival in South Africa, if you want revival in your churches.”

Number 1: There are two things that are required, be united with the Lord God this is personal for each one so that each one of you can be mighty in God.

You are called to be planet shakers. To shake this African continent.

Number 2:

The Spirit of Christ will come on the corporate Body in South Africa. Our hearts cannot have any boundaries.

Go back to the basic foundation in the book of Acts.

The glory of the Lord will shine seven times greater than the early church. One Church – no boundaries.

The basic principle of unity does not change ALL IN ONE ACCORD!

Witchcraft and sorcery arising in the Churches in South Africa

There is another evil that is going to arise in the land (South Africa ) witchcraft and sorcery is going to arise in this nation.

I see a grey coloured smoke. Look at this it is not white or black. Grey coloured smoke. This is the deception that will come it will enter into the Church.

I see in a vision this smoke is rising up like cigar smoke up. I see it enter through the entrance to the church.
It slithers down the centre aisle like a snake among unsuspecting people and moves down the centre aisle and climbs up the pulpit and rests on the bible of the minister.

When the minister unsuspecting unregenerated, prideful, fame seeking, money seeking, a heart that is deceptive.

From the Bible the smoke enters into the nostril of the minister and when it enters into the nostril, he is breathing that smoke and out through his mouth flows out his mouth flows out a doctrine that is of demons.

Son of man the Father says, warn these people of this deception that is going to come.

Even their well-meaning ministers and reputable ones will come under deception.

Only he who has ears to hear and a heart to seek My face and eyes to watch upon Me.

Only he shall be spared and saved.

The Pregnant Woman

Now I see a pregnant woman and the smoke is trying and seeking to enter into her womb to touch the baby.

The counsel of the Lord is,

“pray for the unborn, pray for unborn”

Light breaking Forth in South Africa

I see streaks of light like lightning coming from the presence of the Father. Not crooked like lightning, but In a straight line like an arrow.

Bright shining light like arrows, they are falling all over South Africa.

These will fall upon the youth the young people in this nation.
It will anoint them with the seven Spirits of God.

And they will rise up and put on the seven Spirits of God and do great exploits for the Kingdom of God in this nation ( South Africa )

Let your young men and your young women bend their knees and lift up their hands and seek the face of the living God. Like Daniel.

Let your young men and your young women fast and pray, putting on sackcloth, rebuking pride, rebuking lusts. Seek the face of the living God!

Teach your little ones to walk in the ways of God. For your little ones will do great exploits, they will take up serpents and nothing shall harm them.

No weapons of the enemy shall harm them.

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