Financial Breakthrough Testimony – Using our Heavenly Cheque Psalm 100

[Watch Video]  below, I share a powerful testimony from Sue Jameson the Joy activist and laughter coach.

Amazing how faithful God is Who gave her a financial breakthrough when she obeyed the Lord and used her heavenly cheque Psalm 100.

Now is your time of Spiritual and financial breakthrough!

Make sure of the following on a daily basis that you are:

1. Not wearing the hat of mammon
2. You have opened your Gates of Provision
3. You have called your fishies in and
4. You have used your heavenly cheque Psalm 100 through TPW.

Below are the revelations discussed in the video…

Four powerful revelations to unlock God’s provision in your life

Are you battling in the area of financial provision?

Are you wondering why?

Then watch these video’s and read the article, not just once but a few times until the truth soaks down into your spirit and you can start to practice the truth in these revelations.

There are major keys within these teachings that will open gates for you that have been shut for many years.

1. Overcoming the Hat of mammon

Overcoming the hat of mammon and opening the gates of provision

Many believers are battling financially despite being givers. This teaching focuses on two major revelations the Lord has given us since 2010.

The first is overcoming the hat of mammon. This revelation exposes how the enemy deceives us into wearing the hat of mammon made of fear, anxiety and stress, thus blinding us from the Lord’s plans of provision for us.

We have an article on this here  you can watch the Video on the link

2. The Gates of Provision

The second part is a powerful revelation the Lord gave to Mirjam in 2017 where the Lord revealed the Gates of Provision in our lives and how we supposed keep these gates open for the provision to flow into our lives.

Both these above revelations are key to having a consistent flow of finances in our lives.

Watch and read here:

3. Here fish fishy – Calling fish

In 2013 the Lord sent an angel to Mirjam in order to teach me how to catch fish.

The Lord has called us all to be fishers of men. This revelation deals with fish being souls and fish being sales and provision from Father.

A business without sales will go bankrupt. If you need to increase the income of your business and life through increased income generation then you will really be blessed by watching this.

Also, this will help you call in souls into His Kingdom so you can make disciples. It is harvest time.

Jesus called His disciples and He wants you to call in souls into His Kingdom.

This strategy has really worked in a supernatural way for us in business and in ministry.

Watch till the end of this video there is a surprise in the last 2 minutes of the video


Watch Here Fishy Fishy

4. Psalm 100 your Heavenly Cheque

In the dream, I had to put Psalm 100 in my pocket where my wallet would go. He was showing me that I should just use Psalm 100 to receive whatever I needed.

He showed me that no matter what we need from the Lord if we have prayed the prayer of faith according to the word in Mark 11:24, that all we need to do is continue in thanksgiving and praise as Psalm 100 states.

Read more about the Heavenly Cheque here

NOTE: I would highly recommend you go through these videos and notes at least 5 times or more until you have received direct revelation in your heart from Holy Spirit.

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Blessings and love

Warren and Mirjam Horak

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