The Economic Shaking and The Coming Wealth Transfer – Part 4

Sons Anointed with the Cyrus Anointing

By Mirjam Horak

I saw sons of God kneeling down on the ground, on one knee. As they knelt, and repented for the sins on the land and redeemed the land, I saw how they were being knighted by the Lord.

The Lord touched them with a sword on their shoulder, and anointed them with the anointing of Cyrus.

I then saw, after they stood up, that there was so much favour around them. There was not a door that they would go to, that wouldn’t open up. It was like the Lord was saying over them: “my sons of favour”. It was wrapped around them like a cloak.

The Lord reminded me of what I had seen that morning, the two lions and the roar that the Lion of Judah released. With the roar, which is the voice of the Lord, He was taking the market

What came to me is that this roar is the sound made up of the voices of the prophets raised up to speak the word of the Lord, the words of truth, over the market place, and this way take the Lions share in the piece of the market they are called to.

I continued to see many being raised up under this anointing, carrying this mandate. They are people who are now working like “normal” workers in the market place, in bigger companies and smaller companies, spread all over. They are strategically positioned.

They will, at the right time and when the shaking and collapse comes, take over as kingdom people.

Then this thought kept coming to me, and I kept saying it in between sleeping and waking

When these sons, under the Cyrus anointing, speak the word of the Lord in the market place, they will loose the armour of kings, and defeat them with their (the kings) own weapons.

I could see this happening, as the word of the Lord is spoken, the strength just “falls off” these kings, and they can no longer operate in what once was their strength. They lost it. It was taken from them by the word of the Lord

These kings, kings in the market place that have taken the wealth and not distributed it to the poor, they will lose their armour and they will lose their strength

Isaiah 45:1

      Thus says the LORD to His anointed,

      To Cyrus, whose right hand I have held—

      To subdue nations before him

      And loose the armor of kings,

      To open before him the double doors,

      So that the gates will not be shut

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