A Moment of Apparent Defeat – An Eternal Victory

Comments by Warren

Sometimes it feels like we are going backwards.

This is what it might look like from the outside. But the Lord does not work the way we think He should. His ways are far above our ways. He works in the hidden and secret place.

When the Lord gave Mirjam the following vision and word, it came at a key time in our lives and our business.

Just after receiving this word, we received some major blows from the enemy. It felt like we had just been forced backwards, losing ground we had previously taken.

Yet the profound statement was,

“A moment of apparent defeat – An eternal victory”

What seems like a defeat to us and all those around us on earth; in heaven, is a massive victory.

I would just like to encourage you to keep trusting in Father’s love to work ALL things out for your good. He loves you so much and has your best interest at heart.

Remember this scripture and speak it out loud when things seem to be going backwards in your life.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose Romans 8:28

A Moment of Apparent Defeat – An Eternal Victory

Vision by Mirjam Horak

I kept seeing the cross in front of me, and I just worshipped Him for a long time while repenting and being washed in His blood. Focusing on the sin He became for me, so I could become righteous. Suddenly He started to speak to me, and said

Look at the cross, and tell Me what you see

So I looked, and said

“I see a moment of apparent defeat

But I also see an eternal victory”

He said:

This is what I am doing for you

When it looks like you are defeated

When you are at your lowest

It is then

It is THEN

That victory will break forth

Look at the cross again

What do you see

I looked again, I saw the cross again, but this time next to it I saw the Lion, so I said

“I see the Lion…”

His mane was beautiful, but as I looked closer, I could see the names of the Lord – Lord of Hosts, Victorious, Eternal – and so on – in His mane.

The-Lions-mane-Kingdom-wealth-transfer | Names of God

His mane was made up of words of Who He is!
I had this incredible urge to run into Him, be with Him as close as I can get.

His mane was made up of words of Who He is!

I had this incredible urge to run into Him, be with Him as close as I can get.

Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe

So I ran into His mane and He said to me.

Taste and see, I am good!!

With my head still stuck in between His mane somewhere I suddenly felt a shock going through my body and the Lion breathed in DEEP.

I took a step back out of a sudden fear of the Lord that came over me; and He roared! He roared so loud that everything else around was blown back by the force of wind coming from His mouth – and He said

The victory of the cross

What I have accomplished for you

Eternal victory

And then He said something that blew my mind, especially being in the place we are finding ourselves in right now:

Celebrate the victory of kingdom business

After He spoke these words, I suddenly heard the rattling like that of iron – it was the sound of weapons being made ready. And He spoke again, He said

I am assembling a mighty weapon

THIS time, I WILL have what is Mine

The weapon, I could now see it, was made up of different individuals – each assembled in their position and place where they are – these are the ones making up this weapon in the hand of the Lord – He is holding this weapon! 


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