The River of Life and the Mountain of God

During my weekly teaching with Neil's Kingdom Business team in Sandton the Lord released the following revelation on the River of God and the Mountain of God.

These are two vital revelations that every believer should have.

Most of the teachings I do are inspired by prophetic words and visions the Lord gives us as we pray and wait on Him prior to the teaching.

It is essential for every disciple of Jesus to know how to access the river of God that flows from His throne and how to climb the mountain of God.

I trust you will be blessed as you tap into the Spirit of Revelation as you listen to this teaching.

Prophetic art released

During this teaching, the Lord anointed Josephine Vanwyk to sketch a powerful composite image of the entire message see sketch below

Watch Video Below

River of Life Sketch

The Mountain of God


The Mountain of God

Warren David Horak

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