Prophetic Ministry 101

If you want to grow in the prophetic and learn how to hear and see more clearly then this series will really help you.

This is the introduction to our training series on Prophetic Ministry 101

We look at topics like:

  • What is prophecy?
  • The purpose of prophecy
  • How you activate prophecy?
  • Who can prophecy
  • Why is prophecy so important?

We answer some other key questions.

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions you would like us to answer in the next sessions.

In His love

Warren and Mirjam Horak

Video - Introduction to the Prophetic

Video - How to See Part 1

Video - How to See Part 2

Coca Cola Ministries - Coke Versus Pure Water

Beware of the Coca Cola ministries. You have a choice between Coke and Pure Water...

Choose the pure water of Gods word.

No mixture and no added sugar.

Beware of the sugar-coated messages and chasing after prophecies and not seeking the deep truths of Gods word yourself.

This article covers some of the dangers in the prophetic ministry, we also expose the spirit of divination that comes in the form of Christian fortune telling.

Read the teaching here 

Warren David Horak

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  • Yotshi liyanza Tshuke says:

    God blessed you

  • Lesibana Katjedi says:

    Thank you very much for such a resourceful site you have created. I have been a child of God for over 15 years.

    But ever since I found this site I feel that I am really in touch with the Heart of my Father.

    God bless you.

    • Hi Lesibana,

      It is our pleasure to provide His resources from Heaven as He gives them to us.

      Wow we are very excited that you are now connected with your Father in Heaven this is so powerful.

      God bless you

  • Haneki Kriek says:

    The Conference at Table view – has that happened or is it this year? I am near George and want to be prepared for revival and teaching and the prophetic.

  • Haneki Kriek says:

    I have retired and waiting to be used in His Kingdom.
    Would like to work through all your teachings concerning discipling, prophetic teaching.

  • Tammy Clark says:

    Excellent sharing in prophecy! Really spoke, thank you!

    • Father's Heart Admin says:

      Wonderful Tammy so glad it spoke to you

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