Kingdom Business Cooperation Seminar Johannesburg

Seminar Replay Videos

Kingdom Business Seminar - Joburg 21 May 2022

SPEAKERS: Warren Horak, Neil Vorster and Lilien Mutizwa

WATCH Replay Videos of session 1-3

The seminar replay is for all those who really wanted to attend but couldn’t.

We had such a powerful time as the Lord laid His foundations in our hearts for Kingdom Business.

If you are called to business or know someone who is this please share it with them as these messages will really help them to move forward in their business.

Besides the powerful teachings and testimonies there is a powerful time of prayer and prophecy at the end of the session 3 with Lilien Mutizwa.

Join us as we learn to take the Lion's share.

In His wonderful love

Warren Horak

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Jesus is the Captain Of Kingdom Business

Neil Vorster 

Operating In The Kingdom Essential For Kingdom Business 

Warren David Horak

Jesus Has Come To Set The Captives Free In Business

Lilien Mutizwa 

Father's Heart Admin