Kingdom Business Cooperation Introduction

Are you ready to take the Lion’s Share? 

Kingdom Business Cooperation

Find out what Kingdom Business is and what God is saying to those called in business.

Get positioned for the coming wealth transfer into Gods Kingdom.

Listen to the recording to Part 1 and Part 2 of the Kingdom Business Cooperation Seminar in Cape Town

Part 1


You can find the prophetic vision that Mirjam had that was discussed in the above teaching here – The Economic Shaking and The Coming Wealth Transfer – Part 1

What you will be learning 

  • We will be covering both the spiritual and practical aspects of business.
  • Kingdom business 101 Kingdom business the birthing of a whole new way Prophetic words concerning this new way
  • Find out if you are called into Kingdom business
  • Defining Kingdom business
  • The future what God is saying
  • Practical steps to start the journey

In 1997 the Lord spoke to Warren David Horak about Kingdom Business. This is a business designed by God and used for God’s purposes on earth. If you are called in business God has a blue print for you to ensure you will have more than enough in the coming economic crisis and collapse.

Warren is a serial entrepreneur and has been in business for over 30 years. He is passionate about helping you fulfil your God given purpose in business. This training will be both spiritual and practical.

We will be looking at what God is saying right now. Later we will also be looking at the practical aspects of business and the establishment of Kingdom Business cooperation.

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