Suddenly Many Will Emerge Above The Ground – Webinar #37

What God Has Prepared Underground Is About to Come Above the Ground

In the last few weeks we have a strong sense of revival. The revival we have been contending for is very close.

The following is a summary of that the Lord said to us.

Those who have been underground are soon to come out from the ground.

The angels were applauding those who had made it through from underground. They were cheering and encouraging those who broke through underground.

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It really looks like nothing is happening and suddenly it will come above the ground. Ministries that are invisible will become visible.

There is a marching sound coming from Cape town, South Africa.


He uses the tough times to ignite His fire

All the tough times we are going through now is been used to ignite a fire to breakthrough the darkness that is trying to cover us.

The ignition takes place when we worship the Lord in very tough circumstances. This releases the fire that burns a whole in the second heaven, giving us an open heaven.

An open heaven is a gap in the forces of darkness that want to block Gods breakthrough and blessing in our lives. An open heaven allows the angels to come through into our realm and release Gods Kingdom on earth.

As light comes through the open heaven it brings liberty and life to us and those around us.


There is mighty war going on in the second heaven realm right now. We need open heavens over our homes, businesses and ministries to see His breakthrough.

We need to know how to open the heavens over each physical place where God has given us a mandate. Whether that is an office, a restaurant, your home, a church building etc

The Lord has kindled His fire in us in order to consume all that which is of the enemy in our lives.

It is time to prepare and contend for our inheritances like never before, as we are so very close.


What you don’t see is what God is working on.

God is working in the invisible realm and many of His mighty works will appear out of nowhere as He is always working.

As we worship the Lord together the enemy cannot see us and then the light increases until the enemy flees.

He also said, I will walk with you, do you trust Me?

The Lord is also addressing the governmental control of jezebel in our lives. We need to repent for the multiple strongholds of jezebel in our lives, like; fear, manipulation, control, frustration, strife, anger etc.

Keep taking the land and never stop moving forward.


Over to you, have you sensed the breakthrough coming?

Father's Heart Admin