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Coca Cola Ministries – Coke Versus Pure Water

by Father's Heart Admin

Beware of the Coca Cola ministries. You have a choice between Coke and Pure Water… Choose the pure water of Gods word. No mixture and no added sugar. Beware of the sugar-coated messages and chasing after prophecies and not seeking the deep truths of Gods word yourself.

Shut the gates of hell over your city

by Father's Heart Admin
shut the gates of hell over your city

We can all easily see the devils wicked scheme for South Africa. The first thing is we must not to give voice or agreement to these demonic plans of destruction for our nation. We must take a stand now and shut these gates of hell. We have authority in Christ over this evil, it is time to stand as one and take our cities and towns for Jesus.

The Blood Dimension – The Power of the Blood of Jesus | Part 2

by Father's Heart Admin

The blood dimension takes us into a new dimension of prayer that works and really changes things. When we can truly surrender we enter the rest of faith. This is where God does the works and not us. The above revelation is so powerful and can change our lives and our nations if we will believe the power of His blood and surrender ALL into His blood.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer Training

by Father's Heart Admin

Spiritual Warfare Prayers and Strategies that will enable you to Win. To take ground and keep it! We need Gods Blue Print for the Battle ahead. So far, much of our spiritual warfare prayers have not really brought us any closer to truly breaking through.

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