Coca Cola Ministries – Coke Versus Pure Water

Coca Cola Ministries – Coke Versus Pure Water

Beware of the Coca Cola ministries. You have a choice between Coke and Pure Water…

Choose the pure water of Gods word.

No mixture and no added sugar.

Beware of the sugar-coated messages and chasing after prophecies and not seeking the deep truths of Gods word yourself.

The message below by Jeremiah Johnson concerning the prophetic ministry is a very powerful message and so true and confirms much of what the Lord spoke to me about.

The Lord spoke to me about this years ago. The Lord told me not to drink coke, as it was not healthy, and to rather drink pure water.


Drinking Water is an acquired taste and habit.

Later He told me never to serve coke through my ministry and only to minister pure water.

Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”  John 4:13-14

Many are thirsty for things of the world because they have not yet discovered the pure living waters at the river of life. Only the pure living water from the river of the Life that flows from Gods throne in heaven will transform us into Christ’s image.

 let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Hebrews 10:22

This meant that I should not add things like psychology and man’s ideas and methods to His word.

Also, I must preach the Whole counsel of Gods word.

For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God.


Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood. 


For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. 


Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves.  Acts 20:27-30

Coca Cola is water mixed with sugar and chemicals and is very popular and very unhealthy.

The problem is the side effects when you drink a coke

Coke is addictive so you have to go back to get your fix.

Coke drastically weakens your immune system,

Coke removes your taste for healthy foods,

Coke rots your teeth etc.

This happens both in the natural and spiritual realms.

When you listen to or minister the Coca Cola message or sugar-coated gospel it will have the following effect on you.

You will have to keep going back and pay your guru for the next sugar-coated message and fix.

It will alter your desire for the full counsel of Gods word and you will lose your LOVE for the Truth.

The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders,


and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10

Therefore you will run after prophetic ministries because you are not spending time in the Lord’s word yourself and are not hearing His voice. You come to depend on prophecies and prophets more than on the Lord. This is very dangerous and can lead to great deception.

It will weaken your spiritual immune system and you will get spiritually sick.

It will rot your spiritual teeth so you cannot chew the meat of Gods word.

You will not be able to stand in the tests that are now upon us.

Stop Chasing prophecies and prophets start chasing after Jesus

As a believer you should not be walking around trying to find a prophet to prophesy over you, Jesus said My Sheep know My voice.

May are running around seeking prophets to prophesy over them, we are not called to chase after man, but after Jesus who is our prophet and Lord.

Your calling is to climb the mountain of God and hear Him for yourself. If the Lord wants to speak to you through a prophet then He will set it up.

Get into the word of God yourself and pray and He will speak to you.

Yes, it takes time and effort, to study the Word of God, but this is your calling.

Do not labor for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to everlasting life, which the Son of Man will give you, because God the Father has set His seal on Him. John 6:27

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

Beware of the BBB prophets – Christian fortune tellers

They walk around prophesying Babies, Blessings and Bucks! These prophets never warn, exhort or bring correction as prophets are called to.

They are using the spirit of divination to be fortune tellers in the church tickling believers ears telling them what they want to hear based on the Idols in their hearts.

Read the warning for them and those who follow them in Ezekiel 14:3-11

“Son of man, these men have set up their idols in their hearts, and put before them that which causes them to stumble into iniquity. Should I let Myself be inquired of at all by them?


“Therefore speak to them, and say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: “Everyone of the house of Israel who sets up his idols in his heart, and puts before him what causes him to stumble into iniquity, and then comes to the prophet, I the LORD will answer him who comes, according to the multitude of his idols,


that I may seize the house of Israel by their heart, because they are all estranged from Me by their idols.” ’

“Therefore say to the house of Israel, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: “Repent, turn away from your idols, and turn your faces away from all your abominations


For anyone of the house of Israel, or of the strangers who dwell in Israel, who separates himself from Me and sets up his idols in his heart and puts before him what causes him to stumble into iniquity, then comes to a prophet to inquire of him concerning Me, I the LORD will answer him by Myself.


I will set My face against that man and make him a sign and a proverb, and I will cut him off from the midst of My people. Then you shall know that I am the LORD.

“And if the prophet is induced to speak anything, I the LORD have induced that prophet, and I will stretch out My hand against him and destroy him from among My people Israel.


And they shall bear their iniquity; the punishment of the prophet shall be the same as the punishment of the one who inquired, 


that the house of Israel may no longer stray from Me, nor be profaned anymore with all their transgressions, but that they may be My people and I may be their God,” says the Lord GOD.’ ” Ezekiel 14: 4-11

Believers who have idols in their hearts will run after these prophecies and prophets will receive judgements from the Lord.

These prophets will also receive judgement from the Lord as they prophecy to their idols.

Those under the spirit of divination only prophesy Babies, Blessings and Bucks as this is what makes them popular and brings in the most money and fame for their ministry.

Their prophecies are more fortune cookies and have no power to change your life.

Many of these BBB prophets ask for money if you want an appointment with them. The higher the amount you pay them the greater the level of prophecy and “blessing” they offer.

This is very sad and dangerous and many born again believers are attracted to these ministries. Once you start drinking this Coke you will no easily desire the pure water of God’s word again.

If you listen to and submit to these types of prophets you will come under the spirit of divination which is the python spirit that will squeeze the life out of you by suffocating your prayer life with the Lord.

The aim of the spirit is to seduce you and to completely crush all the life of God out of you and bring destruction in your life.

Paul confronted this spirit of divination in the book of Acts and cast out the spirit of divination which brings fortune-telling into the Church.

Now it happened, as we went to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling.


This girl followed Paul and us, and cried out, saying, “These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.”  And this she did for many days.


But Paul, greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And he came out that very hour.


But when her masters saw that their hope of profit was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to the authorities.

Acts 16:16-18

After a few days, Paul discerned that this was the spirit of divination, even though it spoke some truth, but it was flattering Paul and trying to stimulate Pauls pride.

The word divination used here comes from the root word Python which is a large heavy-bodied snake that kills its prey by constriction and asphyxiation.

The true prophets like Paul will challenge and cast out this spirit of divination/python spirit out of the Church.

It all starts with the idols in our hearts, which is anything that is more important to us than the Lord.

When this spirit is confronted it will result in some serious warfare as you can see what happened to Paul, as this spirit brings in money and profit through fortune telling in the name of prophecy into the Church.

Let us pursue and preach the pure water of the word of God, which is centered on the Cross of Christ and following Jesus. As Jesus said,

 Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. Luke 9:23

In His Love

Warren David Horak

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Please read this clear word of warning from Jeremiah Johnson below


When I started out traveling doing prophetic ministry ten years ago, I would stand people up at churches and conferences and prophesy to them for several hours. Pastors and leaders were amazed that I could literally stand up anyone and prophesy their history and destiny.

People would fall down, laugh, etc and frequent miracles marked the meetings. The crowds grew and invitations came flooding in.

Two years into this pattern, I had a prophetic dream that shook me to the core and led me into a deep season of serious prayer, repentance, fasting, and canceling of all travel for a period of time.

In the dream, I stood before a Judge clothed in white with a huge gavel. He spoke to me words I will never forget. He said,


“Jeremiah, I love your heart and desire for the prophetic but I have this against you- you are guilty of feeding babies too much sugar and if you continue down this path the people will love you but I will be greatly displeased with you.


Though the gifting I have given you will outwardly excite the people, inwardly they are malnourished and their teeth are rotting with decay.”

I started weeping so heavily in the dream that I woke up. I suddenly realized that I was literally weeping in my sleep as tears stained my pillow.

The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart in that moment and said, “I want you to preach the Word of God. I want you to teach holiness, repentance, and the fear of the Lord.

Prophesy to individuals as I lead you- yes, but you will not and cannot build your ministry off your gifting. Do you understand me?” I said, “Yes sir” and went into a long season of no travelling or ministering as God began to deal with my heart and motives.

If you attend one of my prophetic gatherings currently in the USA or around the world, you will rarely if ever find me just standing people up and prophesying to them anymore.

Watch Video Below

Can I? Of course! Do I often times have huge urges to? All the time!

Why then do I primarily preach the Word of God and open up the altars for heavy travail, repentance, deliverance, and salvation?

Why do I refuse to give in to the white witchcraft of manipulation and carnality that blankets so many prophetic gatherings?

Because I’m convinced from God’s perspective that much of the prophetic movement has fostered a culture of spiritual babies in the Church who are craving sugary words of destiny while their teeth rot.

Prophetic conferences and meetings are jammed packed with bellies that are malnourished because they have never been taught the deep truths of Scripture. They love to laugh and fall down but they have never trembled under the fear of the Lord.

They are addicted to personal prophecy and fire funnels but know nothing of holiness and consecration.

I LOVE the prophetic ministry and will give the rest of my life to see it cleansed and purified.

However, I just don’t believe it will ever happen until prophetic messengers stop giving the people what they want (sugar) and start feeding them what they need (the Word). We need WAY LESS personal prophecy and people falling over and WAY MORE exposition of the Word of God and character transformation.

Forever Changed,

Jeremiah Johnson


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