Shut the gates of hell over your city

Take authority and shut the gates of hell over your towns and cities in South Africa


We can all easily see the devils wicked scheme for South Africa. The first thing is we must not to give voice or agreement to these demonic plans of destruction for our nation.

We must take a stand now and shut these gates of hell.

We have authority in Christ over this evil, it is time to stand as one and take our cities and towns for Jesus.

The following word was given to us on Friday afternoon 20 April 2018 as the Lord spoke to us about south Africa and what was happening in Mafikeng etc.

Please listen to the end and pray the prayers at the end of this message.

In His love

Warren and Mirjam Horak

PS: Please share this word far and wide to strengthen the Lords army in South Africa. Especially where the enemy is planning to move or is moving.

Also get this message to our brethren in Mafikeng.

Come and Tabernacle with Him

While we prayed an discussed the revelation of Abba Father, in Romans 8:15, I immediately heard Father’s reply to our prayer..

“I’m here”

His response was warm and comforting, like a much needed hug, reassuring us that He’s here, He’s with us.

As He said that, I saw this figure 8 shape in front of my feet, golden and sparkling alive.

It was moving as I walked forward, and each step I took was within the figure 8 shape.. walking in covenant with Him.

As I walked, I ended up inside the I tent like, tabernacle like, place. and I knew that I was somehow in Abba’s tents, and was reminded of how He wants to “tabernacle” with us..

This place was beyond beautiful, the material of the “tents” if you want to call it that, was luminous and bright and pure white.

His invitation to us is to come into His tents, come into His tabernacle.

Put a lid on the enemies pots of the enemy

From there on the vision changed completely and the Lord showed me the map of South Africa again like He’d shown me earlier on.

As I looked, I was able to hear the enemies instructions to his workers.

“engage them on the ground. ground warfare”

I saw lots of pots again, like these pots you cook with over fire.

In the pots the enemy was cooking up a storm all over the country.

I could see that he was cooking up lies, and it was spreading like wildfire.

People were consuming it(lies), and serving it to the next person.

The quickest way we do this, is through social media. People take of the cookery, the witchcraft, the lies and the fear, and serve it to the next person, who then serve it to the next and the next.

It grieves Holy Spirit

The enemy therefore has many intercessors and eagles engaged in ground warfare, opposite to what they should be doing, soaring in the air.

I saw a lot of them with this oil like sticky substance on their wings, hindering them from flying. In fact, it’s lethal for birds in the natural and we should heed this warning.

I saw a heart in the middle of South Africa, and the Lord is raising up a new breed, a new kind of intercessor that knows how to speak life into a heart, the heart of our nation, that is decaying and dying.

The state of the heart of our nation is not good.

So instead of taking of the pots of the enemy and his stories, and serving this concoction to the next person, we ought to put the lid on it, we ought to put the lid on the pots!

We need to quench the works of the enemy, and not fuel its fire!

Back in 2007 the Lord taught me an important lesson, and He brought me back to that experience today. it is this:

Eagles eat snakes

Eagles take snakes out of their natural environment, the ground, and defeat them in the air where they have no power and ability to fight back.

I saw plenty snakes all over the map as they are being released by the enemy at this time in our nation.

It is as though the enemy has opened pits of hell and released over this nation the lies and deception we see now.

We spot one snake after the other and are engaged by the visual of how terrible this is, but we ought to soar above it and take it out from the air.

An eagle on the ground is in danger.

Follow up word for the Intercessors and eagles

How do we shut down these events of evil?

Intercessors these giants are your bread. You are meant to eat snakes not run from them or spread them.

Do not send or spread the message of fear, but take authority over the gates of your city and shut gates of hell over your city now.

In this word you will find out what to do when the Lord warns you of danger for your or your town etc.

You will also learn what to do when the enemy is striking…

We are called to war and war from the place of His rest and presence. We are sons of God who have been given authority.

Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Luke 10:19

The Lord is giving the power to switch of the enemies power on our farms, in our towns and cities when we walk in unity.

And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. 19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 16:18-19

Here is the key scripture He gave for this battle

Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer,

     And He who formed you from the womb:

     “I am the Lord, who makes all things,

     Who stretches out the heavens all alone,

     Who spreads abroad the earth by Myself;

25     Who frustrates the signs of the babblers,

     And drives diviners mad;

     Who turns wise men backward,

     And makes their knowledge foolishness;

26     Who confirms the word of His servant,

     And performs the counsel of His messengers;

     Who says to Jerusalem, ‘You shall be inhabited,’

     To the cities of Judah, ‘You shall be built,’

     And I will raise up her waste places;

27     Who says to the deep, ‘Be dry!

     And I will dry up your rivers’;

28     Who says of Cyrus, ‘He is My shepherd,

     And he shall perform all My pleasure,

     Saying to Jerusalem, “You shall be built,”

     And to the temple, “Your foundation shall be laid.” ’

Isaiah 44:24-28

May you be blessed as you rise up and fight for today we win.

The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace. Ex 14:14

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  • Michèle Leemans says:

    Love to stand in prayer in unity with you all Psalm 35 and 40:14 in Jesus name

    • Father's Heart Admin says:

      Hi Michelle,

      That’s awesome – let the remnant arise.

      Not sure if you are on one of WhatsApp or Telegram groups – please check the options here https://fatherslove.co.za/contact/

  • veronica schoultz says:

    this word is fantastic! I just love it and yes we have so very much to learn about praying over our towns and cities and it is very exciting to learn how much more there is to prayer…

    • Father's Heart Admin says:

      Wonderful Veronica!

      Thank you for the feedback. He has given us much more authority than we realise.
      However, it only comes to bear when we are obedient and walking in unity, as we see in the book of Acts.

      God bless you

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