Warfare Through His Presence and Rest

Johan Boot
February 2001

I was standing in a beautiful garden when the Lord approached me. I saw that He held a sword and a scroll in his hands.

“Come, I will show you things I am about to do in the church.”

I followed Him along a path in the garden. There was beautiful music and praise throughout the garden.

“This is the place of rest in Me. I desire My people to come and experience My rest.

For a long time My people have fought the enemy in the flesh with human wisdom and understanding.

You cannot fight the enemy with human understanding, you can only destroy His works by the power of the Spirit in My Name.”

The peace in the garden surpassed a person’s understanding. It seemed to lift you above every human imagination and desire.

“In this place of rest, you will find the Sword and the Wisdom needed to overcome the plans and strategies of the enemy.”

I then understood the purpose of the sword and the scroll which the Lord was carrying.

We came to a place where the Lord showed me a spiritual battle. I could see how believers were fighting against the hosts of darkness.

They were proclaiming the Word of the Lord, together with the Name and Blood of Christ.

I saw how the hosts of wickedness were afraid of these spiritual attacks.

Each time a prayer was prayed in the Name of Jesus, the light would be released in the direction of the enemy and it would scramble around in fear.

But strangely it did not destroy the enemy. Neither did it have a lasting destructive effect on the demonic forces.

It simply upset the enemy’s camp, causing disorganisation and fear. I then turned to the Lord for wisdom.

“When fighting against the enemy through human wisdom and understanding, you will see the enemy simply regrouping for a new attack, as soon as the prayer has stopped.

You will always be engaging in warfare against the sameenemies, without experiencing an overcoming victory. Overcoming victory only comes when I fight for you.

The church does not understand that only through My understanding and wisdom can true victory be established.

When you come into this place of rest in Me, your human wisdom and understanding fails. My presence simply fills everything in you, lifts you unto a higher plane.

Here in My presence and rest, you will receive this sword and scroll.”

He then handed me the sword and the scroll.

As I held the sword, I could feel the power of God shooting right through everything in me.

It was as if light was radiating from the sword and was illuminating everything around me.

As I took the scroll, whole areas of understanding opened up to me. It felt like complete purposes and plans played off before me.

“Spiritual battle is Mine and I am the Commander of the armies of heaven.

This sword is My word of authority to establish My kingdom in the earth.

This scroll is the will of My Father.

He has established the battle plan through His purposes. In each of these battles His has established the victory beforehand.

Today the church is called as My body to establish these purposes in the earth.

I am the head and the church is My body.

Without My understanding, revelation and wisdom you will fight an never-ending battle against the enemy.”

The Lord then led me back into the garden of rest. He led me into a beautiful complex of marble and white gold. At the huge gate at the entrance of the complex, was an inscription in gold:

“The Battle is the Lord’s”.

He led me into the main building in the complex and to a room where there were
about 25 people.

“These are generals in My army. They are here to receive understanding regarding the purposes of My Father.

Once they understand the battle plan they are clothed with the glory of My Father.

Unless they first receive the purposes and heart of the Father, and then be clothed with the glory of His presence, they will not be able to go with Me into battle.

I am the Commander of the Lord’s army and we fight as kings – not as slaves.

In the previous battle I showed you the battle of slaves.

They were slaves of fear and confusion. Although they carried My Name and word, they were not liberated from the fear of the enemy.

They entered warfare every time they felt an attack from the enemy, yet they only managed to upset and disorganise the enemy’s camp.

When I lead My army into battle we go with the eternal purposes of My Father.

These purposes open up the spiritual battlefield, which operates on a level where Satan has no understanding.

He cannot understand the plans and purposes of My Father.

When My body move with Me in battle and prayer, these purposes are released over the church and bondage and limitation which has entrapped the church for generations are broken.”

The Lord then led the group of generals out the room and into a courtyard. In the courtyard, there were chariots of fire. Two by two the generals ascended a chariot. As they were ready to go out into battle the Lord gave each one of them a sword and a scroll.

The Lord charged them with these words,

“My kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!”

With those words, they were released and the chariots of fire ascended into the air. I was allowed to go with and see what was happening.

An angel was with Me on a chariot while the Lord was leading the army from the front.

We descended to a city filled with darkness and troubled. I could see how thick darkness was covering the city.

Then the angel spoke,

“The Lord will break the mold of wickedness and the fortress of darkness, by proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

Then the eternal plan of God for this city will be established.”

I then heard the sound of thousands of trumpets proclaiming the purposes of God. Again I heard the Lord say, “My kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!”

Then I saw a great light break through the darkness and the chariots of fire could travel through the mold of wickedness covering the city.

I saw how each chariot was sent in a different direction and travelled until they came to the perimeter of the city. Each chariot came to a cornerstone for that city.

There the two generals on the chariots used the swords they received to cut loose bonds of wickedness which were connected to that cornerstone. Then they took the scroll and placed it upon the cornerstone.

I saw how the light of God came and engraved the purposes written upon the scroll, upon the cornerstone.

As this happened the cornerstone became filled with light and the glory of God began to fill the city.

The prayers of the saints in the city and their praise to the Lord were filling the city, and it began to push the mold of wickedness back.

People in the city started to see the light and turned from their own darkness to the light of the Lord.

Joy started to flow in the city and brothers walked in love and peace.

The more the people of the city prayed and worshipped the Lord, the more the glory of God filled it.

After some time, I saw how the mold of wickedness was completely pushed away and that it started to become detached from the city.

Bonds of evil that were holding the mold of wickedness in place were cut loose.

Eventually, I saw how again a thousand trumpets were blown and a mighty wind came through the city and the mold of wickedness was blown away by a wind a revival.

Everywhere people saw that the covering of darkness has been removed and were calling upon the Name of the Lord.

Suddenly I saw the Lord again in the garden.

When My generals – who are the apostles and prophets of the church are released with My purposes and word, you will see true spiritual breakthroughs.

Without My wisdom and understanding in the purposes of My Father, and being clothed with the presence of My glory you cannot have these kinds of victories.

This place of rest in Me, is the beginning of the battle. Without the rest of My presence you will not be able to come to the place of wisdom and purpose.

Rest in Me and come to know My presence.”

Warren David Horak

A disciple of Jesus | A son of God | Serial Entrepreneur | Business Mentor | Finding your Purpose Unlocking Your Destiny in Him | Kingdom Business Cooperation

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  • Russell Belgrove says:

    This message has fundamentally shifted my thought process in the understanding and way in which we need to A) be in rest all the time for numerous reasons, His strength, His peace, His rest, His mandate, His plan B) pick up our weapon (Word of God) understand the depth of His word and only then once we get the C) scroll from Heaven IE the mandate for that specific battle execute with the weapon and mandate and the rest of Christ to truly destroy the enemy’s plan. FOR GOOD!! So much power, praise the Lord, thank You Lord for this amazing truth.

    • Hi Russel,

      Yes that’s what happened when I got this word all those years ago. A major shift happened as far as how we fight.

      We have to rest in His presence and be clothed with His glory in order to equipped to fight from His dimension.

      May Father clothe you with His glory brother

      Blessings and grace to you

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