Receiving Emotional Healing – Webinar #33

Receiving Emotional Healing

By Warren David Horak

No matter where you are today in your life, we have all been in through emotional wounding and trauma in our lives. The Lord really highlighted our emotional rooms in today’s gathering.

We are spirit, soul and body. The soul is made up of our will, mind and emotions.

In order for our lives to be transformed we need our entire souls, not just our minds renewed in order be transformed into His image.  The Lord has promised us complete salvation where He makes us whole, spirit, soul and body. The Lord stands waiting to heal all your emotional wounds.

Ignoring our emotions and keeping the Lord out of our emotions keep us wounded and stops us going deeper with the Lord.

Have you allowed the Lord into your emotional room?

We each need to daily invite the Lord into our emotional room, in order to go through the emotional healing process.

If you want to learn more about having the emotions of God I have a powerful teaching with emotional healing scriptures and emotional healing prayers. This teaching is a five part teaching in the Father’s Heart School of Ministry – you can subscribe to the School of Ministry for free here.

Please read this profound experience Dorethy had at this gathering, it will truly help you understand just how powerful this emotional room is and how important it is to the Lord. It will change your level of intimacy with the Lord in a major way.

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Vision by Dorethy Parmiter

While we all shared at the table, Warren spoke about his “emotion room” and I thought to myself that I should “google” that. Funny, I know.

I put it to the side as my focus was on the table that was dressed for a sanctification. So after the meal (still no visible sanctification) we met in the lounge to worship. I sat down and closed my eyes, just surrendering myself to come into His presence.

The very instant I closed my eyes I saw blue flames running across something. I realized I was seeing in the spirit and when I looked closer I saw a “separator”. Like a round wheel frame with a sieve base and an arm across moving something evenly so that the sifting process runs smoothly, all the time this blue flame was burning over it. This continued for a bit.

The very next moment I was walking with the Lord to a “vault” like room. It was placed just outside a large building. At this point I only noticed the grey metal like free standing room. When I stood in front of the door I knew it was my place. Not where I live but where I store goods of some sort. I have been here before with the Lord although in myself I had no recollection or memory of it.

Yet I knew we where there before. This was my “emotional room”.
I knew that He brought me there previously but I had refused Him entry.

He did not speak. I did not know why we where there. I had no idea what was inside. I was not uncomfortable at all. I opened the door and in the centre was a see-through stand with something on top about the size of a bedside table top.

It was covered with a black velvet cloth and was neat with gold edging (Like it was made especially for it). I still did not know what was underneath it.

I think the Lord knew, because I felt His comfort. I realize now while typing that He was covering me with comfort.

When I took the cloth off I saw a crown of thorns. In myself at this moment I was shocked. I KNEW this was not His crown. It was mine. Although this crown was way too big for my head visibly, I knew it fitted perfectly. I was instantly flooded with shame.

At this point I looked in His eyes and knew He knew that I lied when I said that I loved Him with all my heart. I could only weep and say that I am so sorry. Because right here, I knew the truth.

He did not speak. He just loved me. No accusation. No trying to put guilt on me. All I felt was love. I looked back at the crown and noticed the huge fat thorns Bigger ones and some smaller. I noticed that the thorns where added one by one. It looked like “superglue” job. On each thorn there were personal victories of dealing with specific hurts. The hurts I have overcome in my own strength, perfecting my coping strategies. These personal vistories had become my emotional trophy.

I noticed the head frame was added to this room the day after my husband left. He told me that God told him he was going to be an evangelist and I was not part of this plan.

It was not added because of what he said. It was added when I stood warming food for the baby and it burnt. I turned my back only for a moment. I threw the pot against the wall and yelled: “to hell with God and to hell with you too!” I knew that I did not need God. I will do it on my own. I chose to be strong.

That day I shut the door to God. “He deceived me”, well so I thought. This was a snake foundation. The moment I lifted the crown off the stand I physically felt my head explode. I saw huge holes open around my head with blood pouring out. Although I did not see this, I knew His hands covered my head.

We walked out the ‘room’ down steps and right here at the door was a small table with a chair. The table was linked by an umbilical cord to the room, just like a trailer to a car. Only I could sit at this table.

The Lords table was waiting

The Lord stood next to me. I realised He was always there waiting for me. There was no place for Him to sit. The instant I sat at the table I saw in full view open doors with a very lavished table decked with beauty and overflow. I knew I could go in and join everybody at anytime. The only problem was that I was attached and could not be separated from this small table where there was only place for myself and the adjoining “room” “emotions room.

There were no plates or cutlery on the table. It was empty. I could only be fed through the umbilical cord that came from the “emotional room”. I instantly heard babies crying and toddlers screaming of hunger. I thought that I was the one crying.
I also knew somehow that these where orphaned and abandoned babies.

I dropped down and put the crown at His feet. I do not recall walking to the door where the table was decked or even walking into the room. In a split second I was dancing and being swung around and around in the room that contained the Lords table. I think I am about four years old in this part of the vision.

Cleansing before the encounter

I have to add here that during this week the Lord gave me specific repentance and told me that my ears had to be cleaned out (from that which was put in) – believing the lies of satan. Sin against the Word. James 4:11+12.

When this revelation hit me He gave me Proverbs 6:16-23 (7 abominations to God and also Proverbs 26:20-28. This is blatant sin against Him. John 1:1 (The Word IS God).

He died for All sin and all manner of sin – we have to love Him with ALL of us AND love one another like ourselves. My shame was not about being rejected. My shame was rejecting Him. Not loving Him fully meant that I could not love fully.

I did not know Him…. Not to trust Him with all of me meant that fear (satan)ruled a part of me.

This day – today – my own strength is taken from me. My fear to trust Him with all of me is gone. I am left with a knowing. A knowing like you know that you know – that He loves me.

He loved me even though I did not. That makes me love Him more.

Over to you, has the Lord been allowed into your emotional room?

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